Payday 2 review scores steal the show

Payday 2

The sequel to the hit bank-robbery-sim is releasing this week, and Payday 2’s goal to raise the stakes has definitely paid off, as the review scores are very flattering of Overkill Software’s thievery extravaganza.

Payday 2 currently sits on Metascores of 79 on PC, while the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are still awaiting enough scores for an aggregate.

On Gamerankings, the game is still seeking aggregate scores, but as the initial reviews roll in, things are looking positive for the title.

IGN: 8/10

“Parts of its presentation are lacking, and the state of its single-player is criminal, but overall, it’s a deep, addictive co-op shooter that tickled my inner burglar.”

Eurogamer: 8/10

“It’s still a long way from being the slick, sophisticated crime thriller it wants to be but, with a little forgiveness from the player, this rough diamond manages to shine.”

Kotaku: YES

‘”While the heist set-up is novel, and while there are few highs in multiplayer compared to the feeling of having coordinated teammates—something whichPayday 2 demands—in a way, some of my enjoyment of Payday 2 hinges on what the franchise might become one day. Yes, it’s worth playing now to see the neat ideas you can’t find in other shooters; it’s a great title to pick up to play around with your friends…but I can’t help but look forward.”

Payday 2

Joystiq: 8/10

“Payday 2 proves that you can’t plan for everything. No two jobs, despite being of similar set-up, go down in the same way – and without the help of few friends, you’ll never survive long enough to reach that tropical paradise.”

Game Revolution: 8/10

“Payday 2’s presentation feels plastic, but the rest feels exhilarating and livened by the presence of human players you have to rely on.”

OPM: 7/10

“Payday 2 is fun. Not the kind of slick, cinematic enjoyment you’re expecting, but a messier, anarchic experience bolstered by excellent weapon feedback and a broad choice of approaches. It simulates the botched bank job with unintentional vigour, but its shaky mechanics hold it back from becoming the smooth criminal it so wants to be.”

Payday 2 screenshot

God is a Geek: 8/10

“A hugely enjoyable game, and it’s obvious that the developers have thought long and hard about every single aspect of the gameplay, keeping everything that worked from the previous game and doing away with, or improving, all of the other aspects.”

GamesRadar: 3.5/5

“Even with DOA single-player, Payday 2 offers a lot of bang for a below-average asking price. Debuting at $30 on Steam, its co-op action is gangbusters with the right crew of like-minded individuals. Better AI and a few more clever gameplay flourishes could have pushed it into must-play territory.”

Payday 2 screenshot 2

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Payday 2 review scores steal the show

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