Blizzard trademarks “The Dark Below”


Blizzard Entertainment has registered a new trademark for a title or entity known as “The Dark Below”.

The trademark filing doesn’t give any hints at what The Dark Below may be, but it’s likely to be the title of a new IP.

Leading up to Gamescom (scheduled to kick off on 21 August 2013), Blizzard sent out a media invite, stating: “We’re making a special announcement that’s sure to capture the attention of the Heavens, Burning Hells, and all the shadowed places that lie between.”

The Blizzard hint for Gamescom sounds Diablo-related, but the new trademark could relate to anything.

What do you think The Dark Below may be? A Diablo 3 expansion? A new game altogether? Let us know below in the comments and on the MyGaming forums.

Source: Joystiq

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Blizzard trademarks “The Dark Below”

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