Lost Planet 3 weathering a storm of criticism

Lost Planet 3 is an interesting departure from the series’ all-out-action approach to sci-fi shooters, but has the slower and more horror-inspired take on the franchise worked for Capcom?

At publication, the game is currently sitting on a Metascore of 57 for Xbox 360, 61 on PS3, and 58 on PC.

Over on GameRankings, it holds percentages 54.75 on Xbox 360, 60.5 on PS3, and 55 on PC.

Check out what the critics are saying:

IGN: 6.2/10

“Lost Planet 3 at least has a respectable story and some combat variety to it, even if the pieces don’t always come together quite right. Jumping in and out of the mech keeps it from being just another cover-based shooter. If not for level design that’s full of frustrating inconsistencies, it might even have been good enough to fully recommend.”

Joystiq: 2.5/5

“Jim Peyton’s story as played in Lost Planet 3 is a mixed proposition, in need of trimming to the monster-shooting tedium, yet anemic in its core interactions. The workmanlike effort by Spark Unlimited, its best yet, comes out less believable and less interesting than Grandpa Peyton’s final words: the story of a man immune to the cold, who wasted most of his life shooting monsters in the back.”

Games Radar: 2.5/5

“Lost Planet 3 starts off down the path of mediocrity almost immediately. Jim Peyton is a relatable character, but his story is held back by repetitive combat, tedious quests, and a narrative that doesn’t deliver. Once you’ve played the first few hours of the campaign, you’ll feel like you’ve already seen it all as you drag through the remainder of the plot. LP3 goes through the motions of the typical action game, never delivering any surprises or gameplay elements that would make a memorable experience. Instead, you’ll just get to fight a giant crab boss for the fourth time.”

Lost Planet 3 screenshot 5

CVG: 7/10

“This is a much darker game than you might be expecting from a Lost Planet sequel, and almost feels like survival horror in places. There are hints of Dead Space in the combat and environment design, and the imprint of Western design philosophies is undeniable, but the DNA of the series is still there; just in a different form. This is a fun, polished, and well put-together shooter, let down by weak mech combat and inconsistency.”

Polygon: 7/10

“There’s a constant tug of war between the excellent structure and world that Spark has in Lost Planet 3 and the basic mechanical foundation they don’t quite nail. Spark Unlimited has made a game that is both more and less than the sum of its parts – but there’s enough ambition there to see what Lost Planet 3 could have been. It went beyond predictable third-person shooter conceits often enough to make me glad I explored it, even if I wondered where the “could have beens” would have gone.”

VideoGamer: No score

“Spark has made its best game to date, but fails on so many levels the end result is still only a notch above a complete washout. Enemies are dull, weapons are lacklustre (the shotgun is one of the worst I’ve ever used and the melee attack is appalling), the mech isn’t fun, and the multiplayer is blighted by similar issues that real-life foes can’t fix. More Kerry Katona than Heston Blumenthal.”

Lost Planet 3 screenshot 6

Push Square: 7/10

“Solid like a block of ice, and just as unremarkable, Lost Planet 3 is an enjoyable adventure that cobbles together ideas from elsewhere, but doesn’t dig its way beyond the basics. Fortunately, its well-paced story and likable cast warm the overall experience, melting away most of the gameplay’s rigid shortcomings.”

Official Xbox Magazine US: 5/10

“Lost Planet 3’s campaign doesn’t disappoint because it feels different; it disappoints because it’s not better. Peyton’s video messages with his wife hold emotional potential, but the thread never pays off. Moreover, while you’ll glimpse some stunning environments (especially near the game’s end), the character designs are distractingly flat. We also encountered multiple frustrating bugs, like strange boss animation loops and a game-halting glitch that forced us to restart a previous checkpoint.”

Eurogamer: 4/10

“It’s worrying when the nicest thing you can say about a game is that the early sections manage to be boring in an interesting way, but it’s true for Lost Planet 3. It’s a game that manages to make third-person shooting feel like work – and one that makes work feel like something that more games should explore.”

Lost Planet 3 screenshot 17

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Lost Planet 3 weathering a storm of criticism

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