SA gamers to compete for R200K at ESWC

Any aspiring competitive gamers should head to Fourways Mall on 29 September for the Electronic Sports World Cup 2013 South African qualifiers.

Players can compete against the country’s best FIFA 13 players to win a trip to the ESWC 2013 in Paris, France, and test their skill against the world’s best.

The FIFA 13 winner at the qualifier will win an all-expenses paid trip to Paris worth R30,000 and will compete for a whopping US$20,000 at the ESWC final.

The Electronic Sports World Cup is a worldwide competition for video games, starting locally with national qualifying, to end with a World Final gathering of cyber-athletes to be broadcast live.

Source: MainGaming

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  • St3baS


  • St3baS

    ( I cant reply to your comment on my comment because you need to be moderated… )

    I completely agree with you dude… but at the end of the day its all
    about the money and this years ESWC is split between CS:GO ( 5 players )
    , Shoot mania ( 3 players ), COD:BLOPS2 on Xbox??? This one seems
    really dumb to me (4 players ) , Dota 2 ( 5 players ) and FIFA ( 1
    player ).

    So out of all these games we will choose the cheapest option of course.

    The old days were awesome I agree, unfortunately I didn’t get to attend
    that comp at Emperors but everyone said that it was the most awesome
    competition ever.

    I would have loved it if Dota 2 was the chosen
    game for this ESWC opportunity and I would have definitely attended to
    compete and see our best actually go overseas in a game that we can
    actually spectate and have huge support from the community, instead of 1
    guy that nobody knows ( well I don’t at least … How popular is
    competitive FIFA here? ) going over and then us reading about it later
    and being like “meh..”

SA gamers to compete for R200K at ESWC

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