Battlefield 4: can your PC handle it?

Battlefield 4

EA and DICE have released the PC requirements for Battlefield 4, giving the minimum and recommended specs you’ll need to get involved in the earth-shaking FPS.

Released through Twitter, the specs reveal that you’ll need a pretty decent setup to run the game.

Battlefield 4 PC specs:

Battlefield 4 PC specs

DICE also revealed that Battlefield 4 will be featuring a test range for players who are a bit hesitant with vehicles to have a fly or drive around, before heading into a real battle and turning your whole squad into a kamikaze-package.

MyGaming recently got hands-on with Battlefield 4 at Gamescom 2013, and uncovered 5 Battlefield 4 features worth fighting for.

Battlefield 4 will release on 1 November 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with next-gen console release dates to be announced at a later stage.

Source: Twitter

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  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Except for the part that I am not letting Windows 8 anywhere near my PC the answer is YES! o/

  • They recommend a six-core FX chip? Wow. This is going to be interesting.

  • Gerard Matthews

    3GB video memory!!! Dam! How can they recommend a card that only comes with 2GB ram but then recommend you need 3GB?

    Or perhaps they mean a card as strong as a 660 but with 3GB ram would be better. They really know how to make my 670’s feel inadequate.

  • Hraffnir



  • Qrox

    Yeah. I also have a GTX670. Quite bad that they recommend cards with 3GB when there are very few cards that have that much.

  • PasserBy

    It’s just a money making scheme, you only need that much graphics ram if you are going to run multiple monitors. Just wait, you will start seeing BF4 branded 7970’s/670 not too long from now

  • Modern GPUs can still share system RAM, so perhaps it means that 2GB cards with another 1GB of reserved system memory will work as well. Windows 8 reports my HD6870 as having 3.4GB of shared memory available.

  • theseasonswither

    Dude. You’re missing out. Windows 8 is awesome. I suppose you have your reasons though!

  • Jaid Orfali

    Rough 3 gigs of GPU memory :O, passed on all others (oh and windows 8 XD?)

  • Guest


  • Jaid Orfali

    But a quad intel..?

  • Jaid Orfali

    In all respect I feel windows 8 is awesome on a tablet pc… but I personally think that as a desktop OS its flawed in many ways…

  • You’ll also need that much RAM if you’re using MSAA instead of FXAA as well.

  • VirtualForce

    Oh well, I’ll run it medium then….can I set burning tanks and falling heli’s only to high quality…PUHLEASE!!! They need to die in HD fidelity! *evil engineer grin*

  • theseasonswither

    Each to their own. I’ve been using it since the day it became available. I think it’s phenomenal.

  • You’re not missing out on much with DX11.1. I think you’ll be fine with WIndows 7 for a while.

  • Jacks

    Can’t agree more. Been using it since it came out as well and I wouldn’t go back to 7 even if someone paid me.

  • theseasonswither

    10 points to you sir!

  • Vorastra

    FX chips are as slow as a turd rolling down hill.

  • Jaid Orfali

    Well, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m still not moving for a good 2 years…

  • Jaid Orfali


  • nicki vallentgoed

    IMHO except for the visual changes most would not be able to differentiate between win 7 and 8

  • Jacks

    You say that but the differences are the reason why 90% of people refuse to move over to it.

    I personally love having my fast boot times, clean desktop and metro is awesome for looking at twitter, mail, feedly and launching my steam games 😀

  • Martin Sibara

    hot dam, i wont be maxing out this game.

  • wo0two0t1

    Anyone with half a brain and knows how to do a bit of tweaking will know that Windows 8 is a far superior OS than Windows 7 for Gaming and for a home rig – without touch! If you disagree please explain?

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Do I want to do tweaking? No… I would like to install this R2000 OS and it should work.

    Not even talking about the fact that everytime I format I would have to redo all that tweaking and it probably needs third party apps that I might have to pay for or they might end up being removed by MS from the store etc… Also my work laptop has Windows 8 and the thing is slow and bluescreens… Before you launch into troubleshooting etc I have done everything. I don’t like Windows 8. It is a tablet OS they are forcing to desktop computers.

    Windows 7 has all the service packs to make it more stable and I like it. Windows 8 has been a very expensive nightmare.

    So all if us half brained people have also tried and struggled… This OS is a swing and a miss. I will wait and see what they do with the next one.

  • wo0two0t1

    In terms of interface there is very little difference between 8 and 7 – it just requires about 2min of tweaking which I am more than happy to do.
    Wesley DX11.1 isn’t the only Windows 8 advantage – its a much faster OS with better memory management plus many other very nice things.

  • wo0two0t1

    Firstly you don’t need to pay anything and its a couple of clicks 2 min maximum and you think Windows 7 patching/Service Packs would take less time? Windows 8 works fine on every compatible desktop I’ve seen it on with a start button and metro disabled if you so wish. You shouldn’t be chatting here if you think your laptop is crashing because of Windows 8 (compatibility issue or faulty hardware) What benefits do you get staying on 7?
    I can think of so many going to 8… proper virtualisation support/better security/DX & Gaming/much faster start-up and shutdowns/annoying UAC/touch support/new apps and so much more – show us the benefits saying on 7? Plus 8.1 is coming out soon with your start button back without any user intervention needed.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I will wait for the service packs and for them to actually make it a OS that people want to use before I switch over…

    Also Windows 7 works for me and does everything I want it to without any problems. I have a SSD so my start up on my Windows 7 PC is faster than my laptop starts up with Windows 8.

    I am glad for you that you <3 <3 Windows 8 and that your life is amazing because of it, but I for one hate this tablet minded start menu thing they forced on us and the OS causes problems for me…

    I will wait for them to backpeddle some more and do some of that 180 they like doing lately before I think about going to Win8 on my home PC.

  • wo0two0t1

    I have my amazing gf that makes my life amazing – its just funny how naive people like you think its a tablet OS only – if its for tablets then how can a tablet OS run better and faster than a “PC OS” on a PC?! FYI some PCs have touch not that I would want to go there but that’s where my point is completely missing you – you think if you don’t have touch 8 is inoperable?

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    That’s great! I also have an amazing gf that makes my life amazing! Look we’re bonding!

    Windows 7 works better for me than Windows 8. There are multiple reasons for this.

    So when MS decides to give all the functions I like from Windows 7 over to Windows 8 then I will switch.

    It is not a tablet OS ONLY… It was just made for tablets in mind and they went too far with that thought. That start menu is just a nightmare… Yes I know there are edits and tweaks, but why the hell would I want to do that? Windows 7 works better for me…

    For someone that is just speaking about a operating system you are running you get rather personal… It’s kind of weird. Is part of your ego locked into your OS choice or something? I know I am but a naive pleb oh mighty OS user!

  • Jaid Orfali

    I’ll be honest, the MAIN reason, is the way MS couldn’t care less about their windows 7 users, they were like, if you want DX 11.2 upgrade now, when they could have easily ported it to windows 7.. its not like W7 is 10 years old…

  • AfricanJedi

    Maybe the Xbone can?

  • David Harding

    Ignorance is bliss lol….

  • Eric Boutin

    i got the xbox version because i dont want to spend 1000$ to upgrade my computer to play a game.

Battlefield 4: can your PC handle it?

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