Why you shouldn’t download GTA 5

GTA 5 has released in retail and digital formats for Xbox 360 and PS3, but why should you avoid downloading the game rather than buying the physical version? Digital Foundry explains exactly why.

After numerous complaints, Digital Foundry investigated and found that the GTA 5 digital edition from PSN is struggling with performance issues.

“Based on several tests, the game does struggle during the opening montage around Los Santos’ beaches. Driving around town shows up worse cases of the effect when compared to the physical copy – mainly during moments of peak action during the busiest spots in the game,” said Digital Foundry.

Digital Foundry also adds that there’s likely more performance issues they haven’t even encountered yet.

“These are just sampled highlights of the issues we found from the first 20 minutes of capturing the game, and there’s every chance they’ll continue to manifest over the course of the game.”

Check it out for yourself:

Source: Eurogamer – Digital Foundry

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  • Øverlord

    I would think the R150+ price difference and 18GB download would be reason enough not to download GTA5!

  • Beanz777

    Oh dear 🙁

  • CPU

    hmmm…still think it should be brought to pc :p

  • Vixremento

    True dat! Still great on console though too – especially the disc-based version it seems. So glad it’s weekend baby – happy GTA V everyone!!!

  • Lukas Oelofse

    AND… by buying locally instead of through PSN, we would be supporting the South African economy…

  • Slangzn

    A psn bought game is playable on two separate consoles, meaning the inflated price actually could be divided by 2 if you and a buddy share the game. Some say its a hack but its in the PSN terms of use that a digital game is playable on two Activated consoles. Id be interested to see if the results of this test would be the same when using a SSD instead of the standard HDD. I play using a SSD and things like loading times are greatly reduced when playing digital copies of games

Why you shouldn’t download GTA 5

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