PS4 poised for success in South Africa: Sony

With the PlayStation 4 heading to South Africa on 6 December 2013, MyGaming sat down with the General Manager of Playstation MEA (Middle-East, Africa), Robert Fisser, to discuss what South African gamers should expect from Sony’s next-gen machine.

MyGaming asked Fisser if it was a challenge getting the PS4 to launch in SA alongside the rest of the world, and the GM explained that while there are hurdles, it’s a testament to the importance of SA.

“If we go back to the PS3, it had a much wider international release window, but now it’s becoming a lot more narrow, so it’s a great achievement that we’re seeing the PS4 being slotted into multiple region release windows simultaneously.”

“The competitive landscape has also changed, so now we’re prioritising certain markets. Since the PS3, we’ve seen Europe, the Middle-East and Africa making incredible progress as markets, and that’s why the release window was been narrowed so considerably.”

“There are always the usual challenges of production and output to line it all up with the right timing, but we’re doing the best we can there.”

With regards to PS4 bundles, MyGaming asked if SA will be seeing similar bundles to that of the UK or if we will be getting our own unique product offerings.

“The configuration of exact bundles and what we think is appropriate for the South African market is still under discussion. We’ve learnt a lot about people’s preferences in the last year, and hopefully we can come up with something that’s attractive”.

Robert Fisser (right), along with SKE CEO Mario Dos Santos

Robert Fisser (right), along with SKE CEO Mario Dos Santos

Playstation 2 has had a great legacy in South Africa and is still selling to this day; but does Sony believe that the Playstation 3 will share a similar longevity in SA?

“It’s not our plan to have PS4 replace PS3, and just like PS2 has been supported for a long long time, we will continue with that approach for PS3.

“So there’s still a lot of support on the platform, with big games like Puppeteer, The Last of Us, Beyond, and GT6, so from that side there’s a lot to be excited for, along with PS Plus which is offering some great thing.”

South Africa’s internet penetration and broadband speeds are relatively behind that of other major gaming countries, and Fisser was asked about the internet demands of the PS4 and its games to fully utilise its capabilities.

“One of the great features of the PS4 is the instant gaming feature, so you can immediately start playing while the rest of the game downloads in the background, so for a market like South Africa where the broadband is behind that of other countries, this could help and benefit gamers a lot.”

The Xbox One’s launch in SA is still up in the air, so MyGaming asked how that might impact the uptake and adoption of the PS4 in the local market.

“We don’t comment on competitors’ strategies, but looking at the perception of PS4, the game offerings and the pricing, seeing the response in South Africa, we’re very pleased and that’s what gets us excited ahead of the launch.”

Sony’s Playstation 4 launches on 6 December 2013 in South Africa. Pricing has been set by Ster-Kinekor at a tentative R6,299 and the console will come with a Dualshock 4 controller, 500GB of user-accessible storage space, and a free 14-day trial for Playstation Plus.

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PS4 poised for success in South Africa: Sony

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