Incredible GTA IV mod brings photo-realism to PC gamers

Photorealism is a lofty aspiration that many games claim to offer to gamers. We’ve never gotten close enough to anything that manages to rise out of the uncanny valley and into something that’s far more believable than we’re comfortable with. Simulators and on-the-rails first-person shooters come close and offer incredible visuals, but it’s never quite there.

That hasn’t stopped modders from trying all they can to do what the developers couldn’t – polish games up to the point where they look almost perfect. GTA IV has been one of the recipients of the modding community’s thorough attention to detail. One player decided to mix up some of the currently available mods to create a photorealistic version of the game.

The modder, who goes by the name darkdeus on Reddit, takes screenshots in games as a hobby and has over one thousand pictures on his Flickr account. The ones below are of GTA IV at the UltraHD 4K resolution, boasting four times the number of pixels of 1080p, in recognition of a game that thoroughly changed our perceptions of what a GTA game could look and feel like.

For those of you playing GTA V now, have a look at the gallery below and start annoying Rockstar to release the PC version – this game, with these mods, looks incredible. If this is what next-gen games could look like, I cannot wait to see it realised.

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  • Graeme

    I wouldn’t call these “Photo Realistic”. But does look awesome!

  • Gerard Matthews

    Yup, plus one to you sir. Next gen my ass, we have had this kind of power available for a long time.

  • hairyback

    I’m having my doubts- I would like to see this actually running.

  • Windreaver

    Power is not the issue. It comes down to market forces, which is something the average “PC>console” gamer doesn’t understand. The amount of PC gamers who had rigs with this kind of power 5 years ago were a minority, if you compare it to the total gamers today. Most of those ‘high power’ PC gamers probably pirated their games anyway. Nevermind the fact that 5 years ago you average TV screen sizes were 55cm 480i and 32″ 720p. There was just not enough incentive to produce high fidelity games before consoles and 1080p screens became so pervasive.

  • Ty

    Agreed… High performance PCs are in the minority, most people do not have time for/are not so inclined technically to understand the intricacies of PC hardware. A console will always prove to be a more appealing option to the mass market.

    The public do not like having huge amounts of options, which is exactly what you get with a PC, ie, an AMD or Intel CPU, an AMD or NVidia gfx card, what type of RAM is best.

    Hell… People struggle with which console to choose (PS3/Xbox/Wii) …So unfortunately, thats the way it is, and thats the way it’ll always be. Consoles will govern the market

  • Ron

    To run this on a PC at 4K you’ll probably need a serious beefed up machine, next gen consoles will have fps or around 5 if it even runs lol

  • Gerard Matthews

    Good points you make young padawan (although I have no idea how old you are).

    I just wish it weren’t so 🙁

  • Gerard Matthews

    The force is strong with this one.

  • Johan du Preez

    I will agree but the day’s of consoles will soon be over, all they doing now is packing a pc into a small form factor case and call it a console.

  • Cake

    The guy who took these screenshots said himself that his game was all the way down to 5 fps. he did it for the shots.

Incredible GTA IV mod brings photo-realism to PC gamers

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