SA school attack blamed on GTA: report

In another ridiculous attempt to link any act of violence to video games, South African news outlet EWN has tried to associate the Glenvista pupil’s attack on his teacher to Grand Theft Auto.

In the article “GTA Glenvista”, a link is created as some of the students in the video are heard saying “GTA” while the attack is going on.

EWN contacted child psychologist Tshepiso Matentjie, who claims that the game promotes these acts of violence.

“Players gain points when they perpetrate very serious violent acts. If you kill a woman with your bare hands you get points. They also get points for raping a woman,” said Matentjie.

The association between the attack and GTA holds little validity, especially regarding the fact that Matentjie’s assessment of “points for raping a woman” in GTA are completely false.

It’s also been reported that teacher who was assaulted in Glenvista has since laid criminal charges.

Source: EWN

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  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Didn’t this happen before the game actually released?

    As per usual I will be blaming the parents.

  • Erick Truter

    School children should not be playing GTA, it’s age restriction is 18.

  • Uberutang

    So many things wrong:

    GTA does not give points (or even feature) RAPE
    GTA is not a game for kids, it clearly comes with a Rated 18 warning..they should prosecute the parents.

  • VirtualForce

    BWAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! This isnt even like beating a dead horse, it like beating a dead horse thats not even there!

  • Russell D Marston

    There is something seriously wrong with that kid.

  • It seems whenever people make these associations, it’s on the basis of something that happens in the game that isn’t even true. It’s been several times now when people have said in news pieces that you “can rape any character” when everytime it’s false. Research people, research.

  • Stan Smith

    Blaming video games = more sold newspapers.

  • ArchieChoke

    “Players gain points when they perpetrate very serious violent acts. If you kill a woman with your bare hands you get points. They also get points for raping a woman,” Must be a hidden game mode I am unaware of.

  • SkepticZA

    Someone’s little precious prince needs a snot-klap!

  • VirtualForce

    yeah, something Von Braun would be proud of. Somewhere in an orbit…

  • Vorastra

    I’m sorry but no one stopped this….the school I went to, the class would have stopped him…

  • Well done EWN for being the Fox News of South Africa.

  • Henri Uitenweerde

    This is an indication of the sort of upbringing the “poor” child has had at home. I say “poor” coz his parents are ultimately responsible.

    In my time at school if someone tries S#!t like that, the whold class would have stood up to defend the teacher. These snotty teens of today have mostly no idea what discipline is.

    This is not the game’s fault, this is the parents’ fault.

  • safrikaan

    I dont even know how stuff like this gets published. Apparently at EWN you can make up any garbage and its printed. Journalism has fallen far.

  • Almost A Hero

    This is shocking reporting on EWN’s part. Completely inaccurate.

    Clearly, it was Rockstar’s Bully (or Canis Canem Edit, as those in the know who’d prefer you NOT to know know it) that was the main cause.

  • Devourer of Small Bunnies


  • BotanicusPopulus

    Wow, if Tshepiso Matentjie hasn’t already bashed her name with wooden sleeper, then she’s done so now. I’ll definitely avoid any form of therapy from her. Not knowing the basic facts is quite dangerous, especially when mental health is concerned. The journalism that EWN presents is pathetic to say the least. Seriously just sensationalising this matter =/ It’s all so off topic they may as well have discussed the price of milk while they were at it.

    Plus I hope this kid gets a proper smack .-. I know I would have gotten one for pulling something like this. Plus, what the hell. His whole class is like cheering him on 😐 Is this poor kid lacking so much attention that he’d resort to assaulting a teacher without realising that there are consequences for his actions? .-.

  • VirtualForce

    Has the article been pulled? Cant access it.

  • munky82

    Seems that EWN has removed the article for the bunch of tripe it is (link bottom of MyG not working) There is an excellent earlier article in the Opinion section though, called GTA:Glenvista by Graig Wynn

  • Jacks

    Not just the parents but society too. Kids have more rights than the parents do. I was hit as a child and that taught VERY fast not to do crap like this.

    Kids are just doing what they want now days.

  • VirtualForce

    Yeah, just wanted to post but the link takes forever to load and doesnt open. All my other regular gaming violent sites, you know, those violent sites we gamers always visit, where women and children are abused, they all open.

  • Guest

    I am yet to find the hidden broom melee weapon in GTA V.

  • Guest

    I am yet to find the broom melee weapon in GTA V…

  • Uberutang

    Now they blame ‘piracy’. So these parents are so useless they do not know what adult material their kids are consuming?

  • Got to give them points for trying to be sensationalist, but they could have at least realised that Bully would be more appropriate to try blame.

  • Martin du preez

    Laaitjie kort ń poesklap

  • Guest

    I’m sure the terrorists in Kenya were motivated by religious thought. When can we start calling for religion to be banned or have an age restriction?

  • cryax

    Its easy to blame someone or something so you telling me every bad thing that happens to teens will be blamed on gta.

  • Ty

    Did Rockstar release an update patch that includes a “points” system? Someone tell me where to get it because all I got for killing a woman with my bare hands was a 1-star wanted level…

  • theseasonswither

    That kid is lucky I am not his Father. I beat the living snot out of him. There is absolutely NO excuse for a child to behave like that. And as for those morons who were pushing him to do what he did, they also deserve a beating. See what a lack of corporal punishment does these days? Bring back caning!

  • All we need now is for them to start endorsing politics!

  • Kakpraat

    I have seen a lot of people saying that the kid should get a beating. Please explain how you teach a child that violence is wrong by using violence yourself. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe his role models already speak with their fists and he’s trying to emulate them

  • Gareth

    no, you bend him over your knee or over his bed and give him 5-10 smacks with the belt….

    My parents did that to me… i did some really bad stuff when I was a kid…now I wouldn’t be caught doing it…. like my conscience is overpowered =)

    more and more parents just let their kids get away with anything….Mine personally let me slack off school/work because they knew I hated it…. look at me now….I own a startup company in JHB…. there is no right way to raise a kid but these parents obviously didn’t teach this young man about consequences…. he has a criminal record now… his chances of getting into Uni are 0%, chances of getting a job 0%…. he will forever be living with his parents.

  • Gareth

    She was given that position by BEE…. not on brain power or skill/studies Obviously =P

  • theseasonswither

    I highly doubt he will have a criminal record. The chances of him even being expelled are pretty damn slim.

  • Gareth

    “the teacher involved pressed charges”

    That is a criminal charge against the kid (for life)

  • JohnDoe

    Gareth, the thing is.

    You are not looking at the picture. You are looking at some idea here, that is only in the midst of the problem.

    Had you been raised correctly, with the correct mindset you would not have been a really bad kid.

    To make up for poor parenting, your parents attempted to discipline you. That creates fear, that does not promote love between a parent and a child.

    Do you fathom ?

    Love = understanding, affinity, communication
    No problems such as the above.

SA school attack blamed on GTA: report

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