PETA parodies Pokemon in anti-McDonalds campaign

In PETA’s unrelenting (and somewhat admirable) propaganda against McDonalds and animal abuse in the United States, the NPO has created Pokémon: Red, White, and Blue (An Unofficial Parody) – a free game which highlights the atrocities of the golden M.

The game jumps on the popularity-bandwagon of Pokemon X & Y, and follows Pikachu as he attempts to uncover the conspiracies of the US’s fast food industry and their treatment of animals.

“For generations, humans have loved Pokémon, but if Pokémon came to our world and saw how we treated animals, would they love us back?” reads the game’s synopsis. “Be a hero for real-life animals by pledging to try vegan.”

You can check out the game at MCV.

Source: MCV

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  • ogk_malice

    that game SUCKS! now I want a McFeast Deluxe…. stupid peta propaganda

  • Andrew Craucamp


  • Vorastra

    GG PeTA.
    Doing more harm than good since 1980.

  • Kromas

    And now I am hungry.

  • Wurnman

    How do yo know this? pls supply link

  • Jaid Orfali

    The game does Suck… and it is propaganda… Im all for saving the animals, but is this the way to do it?

  • Vorastra

    Supplied as requested.
    Every year PeTA, by law, has to submit these reports to the state.

  • Jaid Orfali

    Ya know, correct me if I’m wrong but they didn’t get permission from Nintendo, or MacDonald s Corp. to use the companies images.. So why are they not sued?

  • Andrew Craucamp

    Euthanasia is more humane than the alternative. If you don’t like it then adopt animals from shelters. Anyone who buys puppies and kittens from pet stores should be euthanised IMO.

  • Vorastra

    Yet the SPCA in the same area as the PeTA HQ can get 80+% of the animals adopted, that they receive.
    PeTA even has been quoted as saying that the millions, yes millions, they spend can make their shelter a no-kill shelter. But they would rather pay for publicity.

    Sure man, more humane.

  • KravenWTF


PETA parodies Pokemon in anti-McDonalds campaign

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