PS4 SA pre-orders: can you risk waiting?

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With the launch of Playstation 4 in South Africa drawing near (13 December 2013 with RRP of R6,299), MyGaming asked local retailers about the supply and demand they have received for Sony’s new console, along with the plans post-launch.

With regards to how many PS4’s are still available for pre-order, the various retailers were adamant that there’s more than enough supply to meet demand.

“We have sold our allocation of 130 units and we just received word yesterday that we will be receiving more stock,” said Takealot’s Gavin Forsyth.

“Do not have exact numbers,” said CNA’s Nerisha Lakha, but “CNA is confident that current stocks will be enough to satisfy the pre-order demand.”

Makro’s Clyde Kurten also said that stocks are doing well, with a “couple of hundred consoles still available for pre-order.”

Incredible Connection’s Jacques-Louis Watts said that the store expects demand to actually outreach supply.

“We urge all customers to pre-order their PS4 consoles as soon as possible. We expect the PS4 to be sold out before it even reaches the shelves. Although we will try to make sure that there will be stock in stores over and above the pre-order units we expect the pre-orders to ramp up in the next few weeks,” said Watts.

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PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 at SA retail post-launch

What if you didn’t make your PS4 pre-order and the stock in-store runs out? Retailers are preparing gamers to be patient until the next shipment arrives.

“Customers who miss out on day one units will most probably only get their stock in the new year,” said Incredible Connection’s Jacques-Louis Watts. “We will offer customers the opportunity to order units after the stock has run out but we cannot confirm how long they will have to wait for the next batches of stock to arrive.”

According to CNA’s Nerisha Lakha, the next shipment of PS4 consoles is expected “at the end of January 2014.”

“Customers will be able to back order the PS4 console at any CNA store,” said Lakha.

“As it stands, [more] stock will only be available next year (2014),” explained Takealot’s Gavin Forsyth, who could not confirm a date for the next shipment.

“We won’t be taking orders after the launch, because once the second shipment arrives we should be able to meet the demand,” said Makro’s Clyde Kurten.

Incredible Connection’s Jacques-Louis Watts also said that Incredible Connection would offer post-launch orders, but an ETA is still up in the air. “We will offer customers the opportunity to order units after the stock has run out but we cannot confirm how long they will have to wait for the next batches of stock to arrive.

“You do not have to pay up front if you select to collect in store and we will offer anyone the opportunity to upgrade to a bundle when they are announced,” added Incredible Connection’s Watts.

Ster Kinekor Entertainment has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will launch on 13 December 2013 in South Africa.

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  • baba

    I just want to know: Are we getting any bundles???

  • Glordit

    Takealot has the Killzone and Fifa Bundle. As it stands those are the only two available there may be more closer to launch or after launch.

  • YuuZA

    As Glordit says, AWX also got bundles (not sure on that 1x controller or 2x controller bundle though)? Users have confirmed it comes with 2x, the R7799.99 KZ: SF bundle.

    Best bet is get IC’s for instore collection (no upfront payment needed) and upgrade to a bundle when available. Not too mention the R1200 voucher included (R100 off each accessory or game with no immediate expiry date) :P.

    Also TakeALOT’s bundle may come back again as it sold out fast for KZ:SF 2x controllers + camera same as AWX.

    Anychance RRP will come down from big chain stores? Makro is disappoint tbh.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    What if you realized that the first roll-out of any console always has issues because of the sheer amount of units now being shipped and will most likely have issues… (I am a skeptic. I know this might not happen.)

    I am going to wait for the slim one to come out if I do get one… Hopefully there would have been a price drop by then too.

  • YuuZA

    irrespective, you should not miss out on what could be a PS2 like history in the making for Sony. Atleast get a PS+ sub and add the free games to cart 😉

    If it fails within the warranty period, get it fixed :).

    I personally never bothered with ANY launch console but no way i am missing out NextGen so PS4 first and then…

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Well I am going more towards Steam Machines… It just interests me more.

    I barely play my PS3 at the moment. I only use it as a media center and because of Cinavia stopping most of what I stream over my network that is due to change… I might get it later on, but spending 7k at this point feels a bit much for me.

    Guess I am more going to sit back and see what happens in the next year and then decide which way to go…

  • Steve_B

    im sure at that price they will have plenty left over …

  • YuuZA

    Fair enough :). Will be looking for your thread on the forum to see what you have decided :D.

  • I’m close to cancelling my pre-order. With Driveclub and Watch Dogs delayed, I will have little that interests me between the launch and April 2014. I’d also prefer to pay less for it, because the current price is higher than I initially planned for.

  • FlashGear

    R5500 gets you a PS4, And here within 2-3 weeks after launch. Deal.

    More bundles there too…why bother with RRP and more and more delays :/

  • Alex Rowley

    I don’t think the price will go down between now and April 2014, I mean I just think if I have the money for it and I want to play the games coming to if for the next year why not buy it now? Of course that’s my plan which is basically based on the assumption the price won’t change for at least a year.

  • Keron

    When will the next shipment of ps4 be in South Africa and what types of bundles they are offering ?

PS4 SA pre-orders: can you risk waiting?

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