Nintendo 3DS XL special revealed

Incredible Connection has revealed a new special on its Nintendo 3DS XL units, pricing the handheld console at R1,499.99.

The special for the 3DS XL is only applicable online and cannot be bought in-store. The special ends on 3 November 2013.

The biggest selling point of the updated console is right there in the name – it’s a supersized version of the Nintendo 3DS.

The most striking feature of the console is the much, much larger screens. The top screen measures in at 124mm wide, and the bottom screen at 106mm wide. Compared to the original 3DS’s 90mm and 77mm screens, the 3DS XL’s displays are monstrous.

MyGaming also had a look at a bunch of upcoming 3DS games.

Nintendo 3DS XL special (Incredible Connection)

Nintendo 3DS XL special (Incredible Connection)

Is it worth buying?

The device itself is fun to play, and the 3D effects have always worked well, however, it’s the longevity of the game library that will deem if the 3DS is worth purchasing.

Most Nintendo games appeal to a huge audience, however, many don’t appeal to an individual. If you enjoy the Super Mario or Zelda franchises, there will always be a multitude of games to play on the system; but if you’re more of a console or PC gamer (playing FPSs, and other fast-paced action games), you may not have enough to keep you occupied.

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Nintendo 3DS XL special revealed

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