MWEB Battlefield 4 servers for SA officially confirmed

MWEB, retaining its partnership with, has announced it will be officially hosting Battlefield 4 dedicated servers for PC gamers in South Africa.

Players can also rent and administer their own ranked Battlefield 4 servers, from a minimum 10 player server, up to a 70 player server.

The MWEB servers are based in both the Cape Town and Johannesburg data centres, and consist of servers for 16 – 48 players, and 64 – 70 player servers.

  • The 64 – 70 player game servers are deployed on Dell PowerEdge R210 II hardware. Four of these servers will be in operation, two in Cape Town and two in Johannesburg.
  • The 16 – 48 player servers servers are deployed on Dell PowerEdge R520 servers. Two of these machines will be rolled out, one to Cape Town and one to Johannesburg.

“The MWEB GameZone team is confident that the new servers will provide sufficient infrastructure to cater for the South African Battlefield 4 PC gamers,” said Desmond Kurz, MWEB Online Gaming manager.

“South Africa’s late inclusion into the Battlefield 4 programme left us with some quick work to get done to make this deployment possible. We’re grateful to our partners at Dell,, and the MWEB networks and hosting teams at MWEB who put in a lot of work to make this happen at short notice,” said Kurz.

“Hopefully console servers for Battlefield 4 will also eventually become a reality.”

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 – Paracel Storm

No other Battlefield 4 gaming service providers

For Battlefield 4 it seems that EA and DICE, through their partnership, are only authorising a single large provider for each region.

WAGE (Web Africa) and Internet Solutions confirmed they did not make the cut for hosting Battlefield 4 in SA.

WAGE Games Master Robert Tait said, “ are solely hosting Battlefield 4 servers in the South Africa region. No other GSP’s or ISP’s have been provided with the rights to host on behalf of DICE for Battlefield 4.”

“WAGE has not made it onto the list of local Battlefield 4 RSP’s. We hope that we will be given the opportunity once the game has launched, and a higher demand for local servers is noticed. We however do plan on renting Battlefield 4 servers, branded as WAGE servers,” said Tait.

Internet Solutions Gaming Services Manager, Davin “Kradenko” Hansen said “The game servers have always been working on a RSP (Registered Service Provider) basis. Providers apply for a licence, it gets granted or declined and they host servers.”

“ is at the same level as any of the other providers in South Africa. As far as I am aware the arrangement for sits with MWEB, which makes use of its licensing to provide dedicated servers.”

“ISGaming applied to DICE for a Battlefield 4 licence, however, the status on this is still “pending”. Therefore, no servers [Internet Solutions] will be hosted for Battlefield 4 at this time,” said Hansen.

iBurst Gaming did not reply by the time of publication.

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MWEB Battlefield 4 servers for SA officially confirmed

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