720p Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox One confirmed

Activision has confirmed several details for Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and it looks like some of them may drive players to alternate platforms or the desktop PC.

In a post on his blog, One of Swords, Activision community manager Dan Amrich confirmed that Ghosts on the Xbox 360 required a mandatory 3GB data install for the single-player campaign. Amrich added that installing the game onto a flash drive was also possible, although it needs to have 3GB or more available drive space.

“Any compatible USB 2.0 flash drive formatted for Xbox with enough free space will work also, including thumb drives. However, if you just want to play multiplayer, you don’t need to install anything, An extra 250MB will be required for the ‘Free Fall’ downloadable map.” Amrich writes.

Call of Duty: Ghosts has now appeared on the Xbox Live marketplace and for the Xbox 360 the limit for online multi-player matches is twelve players. On 360, the game supports up to four players offline and also supports two-player co-op on the same screen.

In related news, for the Xbox One platform Infinity Ward executive producer, Mark Rubin, tweeted that Call of Duty: Ghosts was optimised to hit 60fps across all platforms. However, Rubin notes that on the Xbox one the game is rendered at 720p and upscaled to 1080p, while the PS4 renders the game at a native 1080p.

This is similar to the situation with Battlefield 4, which runs at 720p upscaled to 1080p on the Xbox One, while the PS4 scales the game up from 900p to 1080p. It appears as if this may be the general trend moving forward for 2014 for multi-platform games that have not had the time to optimise their engines to effectively take advantage of the Xbox One’s eSRAM.

Source: TwitLonger, One of Swords, Xbox Live Marketplace

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720p Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox One confirmed

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