IGN Africa website goes live

IGN Africa has launched.

The site is headed up by Michael James, best known as owner and editor of NAG Magazine under the auspices of Instance Media, in partnership with Ziff Davis International, global digital media company and owner of the IGN brand.

James leads the team along with stalwart SA gaming journalist Tarryn van der Byl, and some fresh local recruits, Tancrid Muller, Matthew Fick, and Melcolm McDonald.

The site will cover South Africa and emerging markets across the southern African content in the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region.

IGN Africa will mix locally created editorial and video content with that from IGN’s teams in the US, UK, and Australia.

According to the unveiling announcement:

The IGN expansion plan is to team up with experts in new territories and distill everything IGN has to offer into locally relevant content. Some clarity is called for here. Experts mean those people in the territory that understand the market and are already contributing to the industry. Locally relevant is making sure everything you see on the site is regionalised; all competitions can be won by people living in the territory and all content that isn’t relevant will be filtered out. The net result of this is more content overall and content that means more to you.

The power of the IGN brand and power of having the largest gaming entertainment site means you will get the content first, and have access to the exclusives before anyone else has them. Because let’s face it, once something is more than twenty minutes old, nobody seems to care anymore.

Watch IGN’s Naomi Kyle mangling some South African expressions. “Lekker speel julle.”

You can access IGN Africa via: za.ign.com

A redirect from www.ign.com does not seem to be in place yet.

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IGN Africa website goes live

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