PS4 best-selling console in UK history

According to Gfk Chart-Track UK, the PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console in UK history – beating the 8-year record set by the PSP.

MCV UK noted that since Chart-Track’s week ends on a Saturday, their launch week pronouncements actually cover the first 48-hours of UK sales. According to MCV retail sources, the PS4 sold 250,000 units in its first 48 hours, estimating that it generated R1.46-billion in sales.

The PS4 UK launch week sales eclipsed launch week sales of Xbox One and PS3, said Gfk. The Xbox One sold around 150,000 units in its UK launch week, reports MCV.

By contrast, Eurogamer reports that the other “next-gen” console, the struggling Wii U, has managed 150,000 UK unit sales after a year on the market.

Sources: MCV UK, Eurogamer, Gfk

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PS4 best-selling console in UK history

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