VGX 2013 flops – best cringe moments from the show

What video gaming really needs, is a prestigious awards event where the best endeavours of developers – from the AAA to the indie – are honoured among peers and fans; elevating the image of the video game industry to the popular culture status levels enjoyed by the film industry.

What video gaming got instead, was the Spike VGX 2013 awards.

The 3-hour cringe-fest was broadcast on 7 December and hosted by GameTrailers journalist Geoff “love-to-hate-him” Keighley, and Joel “that-guy-from-Community” Hale. The pair were a fantastically awkward combination that mere words fail to describe.

This would have been a cringe-comedy masterpiece if not for the tragic realisation that they were trying to be serious and professional. The cut-aways to the woefully unprepared and juvenile Odd Future on the show floor among the studio audience were a nice touch of fail.

If you missed the VGX Awards show, then lucky you – check out the videos below for the best awkward moments; there are some nuggets of comedy among the dross.

Otherwise, be sure to catch up on the stuff from the show that mattered: the VGX 2013 award winners and all the world première game trailers from the show, some of which were pretty enjoyable.

UPDATE 1: It looks like Viacom is trying to cover up the embarrassment of VGX 2013 – but this is the Internet, and you cannot hide your shame. New videos will be uploaded if old ones are taken down.

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VGX 2013 flops – best cringe moments from the show

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