TheSurvivor2299 was a one-man fan-fiction project

Unfortunately for the gaming world, there was no announcement for Fallout 4 at the VGX 2013 awards and doing double-damage to our hopes and dreams for the series came the announcement that The Survivor 2299 website was not a teaser site for a new Fallout game. But it wasn’t a hoax either.

Instead, it was meant to be a massive labour of love by one fan dedicated to the series and was set to be an epic fanfic attempt, complete with an alternate reality game that would run on the website that drew millions of followers to its URL.

The man behind the project, who goes by the name of DCHoaxer on Reddit, stepped forward in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to answer questions about the project and to discuss the way forward for his project.

Q: What made you come clean? Was it the Bethesda Tweet?

A: Yes

Q: With all you put into it, why go such a lazy route and drop a Rick Roll on us?

A: I was drunk when Pete Hines said TS2299 is fake and then I gave up. That was a stupid move.

Q: Did Bethesda ever contact you about the site? Are you allowed to tell us what they said?

A: Yes, they did, and no.

Q: Was it as fun as you thought it’d be?

A: Yes

Q: What was going to happen when the countdown had reached zero?

A: I would have released a CGI trailer I created myself.

Q: When will you release the promised CGI trailer?

A: I’ll do it after 12/11 on the website. Let things cool off a little. I don’t want to piss off Bethesda at this time even more.

Q: How much did this all cost you?

A: $30 for hosting, $60 for 15TB of traffic and approximately $900 for the phone number.

Q: You paid over $990 to screw with people?!

A Its nothing for me. I know I’m a douche.

Q: They mentioned you on the VGX awards, congrats.

A: I heard something about “asshole without a heart”. And pitchforks.

Q: Why did you do this?

A: Some men just want to watch the world burn. I wanted to force Bethesda to reveal something during VGX on 12/11, and bring /r/Fallout community together (for at least 3 weeks) Unfortunately, this plan failed.

Q: If Bethesda hadn’t shut you down, what else did you have planned?

A: I would have released the CGI trailer I made along with a script for the story I wrote. Maybe I’ll release it later on so that somebody else can use it!

Q: When did you first start planning this?

A: A long time ago. Every Morse code and cipher message was taken from my “The Survivor” script. I created it in March/April and it’s around 56 pages long now. I wanted to make it as DLC for New Vegas, but I didn’t have a team to assist with it.

Q: How many clues were missed or answers incorrect?

A: A lot, at least nine. I’m not going to spoil it, it’ll be in my script.

Q: If you could redo all this, what would you change?

A: Automate the uploading process, SWIP my IP pool earlier, change RWHois records, make clues more complex and entertaining.

Q: How long did it take you to set up the site?

A: 30 minutes excluding the first morse and cipher messages. The site was discovered way too early.

Q: Do I still have time to grab another beer before the real surprise comes?

A: You shouldn’t expect anything related to Fallout 4 on VGX. But it’s close…

Q: He’s lying to us!

A: I’m serious [about it being close].

Q: Did you have anything to do with the broadcasts heard in Boston? [on the radio frequencies that appeared on the site] (

A: No.

Q: How big of a fan are you? Have you played them all?

A: Almost all, except Brotherhood of Steel.

Q: You showed everyone how to really market a game. I’m not upset at all.

A: Thank you, but I’m still an asshole.

Q: Would you rather fight 100 radroach sized mutants, or 1 mutant sized radroach?

A: The mutant-sized Radroach, they only have 5 HP (hit points).

Q: Was the fake trademark also done by you? How many death threats have you received?

A: Yes it was me. Fourteen threats to date.

Q: What am I to do with my life now?

A: You can drink your Ovaltine and replay Fallout 3/New Vegas again.

Source: Reddit, thesurvivor2299

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TheSurvivor2299 was a one-man fan-fiction project

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