PS4 outsells Xbox One, PC ready for comeback: analyst

It has been estimated that Sony’s Playstation 4 sold 66% more units in the United States than the Xbox One for both console launches in November 2013.

This is according to industry analyst Micheal Pachter, who said in his recent investment note on the state of the gaming industry that the Playstation 4 is estimated to have sold 1.25 million units during the launch weekend starting 15 November 2013. The console has sold out on store shelves across the country.

This compares favourably to sales of the Xbox One, which Pachter estimates at around 750,000 units, a good half a million units behind Sony’s day one sales in what has traditionally been Team Green’s strongest market.

Pachter notes that Sony had a week-long head-start over Microsoft and also chose to send a sizeable unit allocation to America, while Microsoft’s launch stretched across thirteen countries and moved over a million units in the same time-frame as Sony.

The sales estimates come with a dire warning for Microsoft, as Pachter believes that Microsoft’s higher hardware cost will be the detriment to the console’s adoption among gamers.

Speaking with Games Industry in an exclusive interview, Pachter said, “The reason Sony beats Microsoft is solely the price. Microsoft loses the next generation unless they cut price. If Microsoft drops its price to $399, I expect the sales to be equal to the PS4.”

But this, Pachter notes, is just a short-term solution for Microsoft as they move to stifle more bad publicity for the company and the platform. The real progress, he believes, will not be for the console markets, but for the PC.

“I don’t know where they get those numbers. I don’t think you’re ever going to see 500 million consoles out there. The next generation of consoles is probably the last. We expect frequent model updates instead of new consoles. I think the PC is going to make a comeback, the PC will be the hub of all this stuff,” he added.

Sources: MCVUK, Games Industry

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  • DemonGamer

    There is one problem that the PC has that it may never fix and that is its complexity. PC gaming has the greatest graphics and amazing flexibility , but it also provides the biggest amount of problems.

    Consoles will always have the biggest market share ,because of its simplicity. If the PC can come to that point where I can just pop in a game, grab a remote and enjoy my game, it may just be the future.

  • Johan du Preez

    FYI the current consoles is a pc …. thats why that arguement is invalid. They shot themself in the foot by using the x86 instruction set.

    Besides its not the 90’s any more where you have to tinker to get stuff working. You open steam launch your game and thats it, or origin or just double click the exe of other games.

    Noticed how all the console games comes with a mandatory install like a PC? Did you hear about Steam’s Big Picture mode I turned a powerfull pc into a console by using steam big picture. I can play mostly anything and at resolutions that will make any console explode even the new ones.

    He is 100% right this is going to be the last console generation and you can quote me on this as well.

    I see what you are saying but it was maybe valid in 2004 not any more though.

    Unlike consoles PC’s will always be relevant as you cannot develop console games without a pc. The death of the pc wont happen in our lifetime either due to everything being developed on it and I don’t see the tablet ever taking that role over.

  • ArchieChoke

    Weird statement considering. Your console brakes nothing you can do (.i.e. red dot what ever led colour displays bad) however on the pc, if a component goes, they either non essential (i.e. Lan port 1) or essential which does not require a whole new console only a component.

    “If the PC can come to that point where I can just pop in a game, grab a remote and enjoy my game, it may just be the future.”

    As for this ^^ wait for steambox, the OS is what is actually bothering you in total not the devices themselves.

  • DemonGamer

    Hey Ive got nothing against the PC. Without it I wouldn’t be able to game on any platform. But for the future of gaming I don’t believe it will be standard to just PC. It will still be part of a component from the PC yes ,but the problem lies within ease of access.

    We have to remember that society drives innovation. That why we saw success in such devices as the wii and kinect. And its not just hardware ,but software as well. I don’t now if its just me ,but many games these days seems dumb down.

  • I see it as a publisher-driven market now. Whichever device can give a AAA publisher the most security and biggest ROI will be the one that they target. Despite the flexibility of the PC, I agree that ease of access is the key – with a PC you still have to sort out the hardware, the OS, try stay under budget and either build it yourself or pay someone to do it. With a console you pop it out the box, connect it up, set it up and away you go – all the other decisions are made for you.

    SteamOS can be called the saviour for the PC but ultimately its just adding onto the complexity and number of hoops you need to jump through to get to a similar ease of access level.

  • oblivionImperialGuard


  • Charl van der Merwe

    God I hope it’s the last console generation, bad ports have scarred me for life.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    This would not have been a problem if the kinect wasn’t integrated into the xbone as mandatory,
    Microsoft have made dubious decisions since the inception of xbone. The game sharing debacle, the always online gaming issue, all these have been BAD decisions by Microsoft.It’s going to affect them this time around, I see the ps4 winning this time around.

  • Dane Bowman

    That’s one of the only places where console ‘beats’ PC, imo = plug ‘n play.

  • R3tr!buti0n

    LOL Maybe this was true, a few years ago, cause i’m playing BF4 right now , while my friend PS4 is crashing lol

PS4 outsells Xbox One, PC ready for comeback: analyst

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