EA in legal trouble over buggy Battlefield 4

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Electronic Arts, publisher of popular game series such as Battlefield, Crysis, Mass Effect, and FIFA, is in hot water over issues that the company’s biggest studio, DICE, is having with the launch of Battlefield 4.

Launch issues with the game forced DICE to announce that they are planning to hold back on all DLC packs and map additions while they fix game-breaking bugs and issues with cheaters on the networks running rampant. The weeks following the launch saw EA’s stock value drop by 7.3%, due to the game’s issues and overall negative coverage in the press.

Now law firm Holzer, Holzer & Fistel is urging shareholders that may have lost money on their investment into the company because of the launch issues to contact them to join a class action lawsuit against Electronic Arts and its subsidiary studios.

“If you purchased EA common stock between July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013 and suffered losses on that investment, you are encouraged to contact Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC,” the law office states. “Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC is an Atlanta, Georgia law firm that dedicates its practice to vigorous representation of shareholders and investors in litigation nationwide, including shareholder class action and derivative litigation.”

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

In a recent interview with The Guardian on the issues and with EA’s overall stance in the games industry, Executive vice president of EA Studios Patrick Söderlund admitted that the firm and its studios could do a lot better with many of its previous and current game launches.

“We have to do a better job of getting games into the market that are as bug-free as possible,” said Söderlund. “Games are becoming more and more complex – even though we’ll run a beta and we’ll do massive amounts of testing, there are certain things, especially in an online-focused environment, that you won’t catch. I wish I could say that we will, but I don’t think we’ll ever catch everything.”

“We try and do an update every second day to improve the game experience, and there are patches in the works for the PS3 and Xbox 360,” Söderlund adds. “I bet we’ll have to do the same thing on the next-gen machines. But our commitment to making the best gameplay experience on a continual basis is there.”

Battlefield 3 has the best gameplay glitches by far

Battlefield 3 has the best gameplay glitches by far

This isn’t the first Battlefield game that shipped out with a slightly broken multiplayer on day one. Battlefield 3’s launch issues continued for well over two months and gamers suffered from issues with their progress in matches being lost, lag due to unoptimised netcode and games being hacked by users who used cheats to get ahead in the rankings.

But it appears that DICE may simply have not done enough testing before the game went gold. The Battlefield 4 open multiplayer beta was launched on 4 October 2013 for players on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The open beta closed soon after, however, shutting down on 15 October in time for DICE to ready their servers for launch day, which was taking place nearly two weeks later.

Are you suffering gameplay issues with your copy of Battlefield 4? Do you feel wronged by DICE and EA? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

Source: Uber Gizmo, The Guardian

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  • ArchieChoke

    “We have to do a better job of getting games into the market that are as bug-free as possible,” said Söderlund. “Games are becoming more and more complex – even though we’ll run a beta and we’ll do massive amounts of testing, there are certain things, especially in an online-focused environment, that you won’t catch. I wish I could say that we will, but I don’t think we’ll ever catch everything.” I call bs lie…. Unfortunately im going to use Diablo as an example.

    When I got beta I was already experiencing the issue where I could not login, they release the game and It made it look like they ignored the bug reports that people could not login in Beta.Seems EA did the exact same thing, people complained about net code, they ignored it.Now the Shareholders are not happy , now all of a sudden you care. EA see why you are a terrible company?!?!

  • DemonGamer

    I love battlefield as a game, but I was kinda hesitant to buy number 4. I was trying to save cash and the PS3 PS4 thing made me wait a bit. So I may have dodged a bullet . like some people that are playing online now are it seems.

    Yeah I understand that a game will be buggy and yes it is EA , but to go sue a company over stock losses, that’s a bit drastic. I may sue them cause I got stabbed by a bunny hopper, but that’s understandable.

  • Ninja-J

    The moral of the story is….. they should have waited a few more months before launching Battlefield 4.

  • warr10r

    I’m not sure why people are surprised. #1 Its EA (as in EAsy money Games, lol). #2 Its Battlefield, Battlefield games are ALWAYS glitchy (yes, this is why I like CoD better) #3 You’ve forgotten SimCity already, I see.

    The only way EA will learn is if it loses money (execs are funny like that). I agree with the shareholders to sue their pants off, for the sake of better games in future.

  • “#3 You’ve forgotten SimCity already, I see.”

    I haven’t, at least. I won’t buy it, period.

  • oomjan

    I actually hope that EA loose. Hope they pay for giving us shitty experience. The 1 hit kill thing is ruining the game sort of and not to mention the frame rate lag and high cpu usage. I hope EA can close doors and let someone else that does care more about the gaming industry than making money.

  • Still better than COD, haven’t yet look back & not getting Ghost’s, with all the issues in BF its still more fun.

  • Bayne23

    what are these glitches you people keep talking about (O_o) the game plays perfectly fine…

  • DenSweeP

    I’ve said it before. You’ve said it before. Hell, everyone’s said it before, hit them where it hursts most, their pockets.
    You can make as many youtube clips ranting and raving about all the bugs and faults, swear at them until the end of time or even threaten them, but they will continue to ignore you, because the masses will still buy the game.
    BUT, if you threaten their pockets, by means of lawsuit, then folks, you might just stand a chance. Make no mistake though, they will simply do just enough to keep shareholders happy and then revert to their evil ways again.

  • Ditch AAA games if they don’t change their formula and support indies.

  • Rickster

    -Shanghai map crashes most of the time
    -1 hit kills (100 health -> 0 with assault rifle)
    -Performance can be better

  • Rickster

    DICE should go to another publisher.

  • Sandiren Thaver

    I have seen some of the bugs and the 1 hit kill is annoying, when I can even get a proper 1 hit with recon but an assault rifle does more damage. The game freezes and I lose all that earned points. It sucks and I even gave up on playing, my copy has been in its cover for the past week now, and it will stay there until they can fix the game or refund me, I even bought the premium package on release day of the game.

  • The Rich

    I bought it and I’ve long forgotten about it. EA won’t get any more of my money.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    well, when will your copy ever leave the cover after installation ? hehe

  • Charl van der Merwe

    I don’t know if I’m becoming a fanboy, but I love this game so much, the bugs don’t deter me, after the two 900 mb patches in the last 2 weeks I have seen an improvement though.

  • Sandiren Thaver

    lol, Just meant that I cant play the game and enjoy it with all the bugs, so I put it away until I can get some good news that the bugs have been fixed 😉 but I love BF3 and BF4 is an awesome game when you get to finish a round without it freezing up halfway through the match. 🙂

  • Sandiren Thaver

    I must check, maybe I havent downloaded the 2nd patch, but will pop my game in this afternoon and see if there are any improvements.

  • Michelle

    The game is awesome,yeah there are glitches,but I still love the game.

  • Save your money for the Witcher 3 ^_^

  • Jacks

    BF4 has put me off the series. I’m honestly ashamed to own premium. I’ve played bf4 less in final release than I did in beta and I don’t plan on buying bf5 whenever that comes out.

    As long as Mass Effect lives on I don’t really care what happens to EA and I’d be happy if origin would go hopping. Voted worst company in America 2 years running. Nuff said.

  • David

    Most of the people moaning about the game is 10 to 1 COD fanboys !!! The game has issues but its not unplayable at least the designers are innovative and does not copy and past maps or hole story lines from previous games like you know who!!!! Good for you Dice Keep up the good work I am a proud Premium member AN we all are enjoying the game minus the dc’s !

  • Stephan

    My run-in with the disaster they called a launch for Simcity luckely stopped me from buying BF4. We are now 5 months since SC launch and the sad fact is they ruined the game by getting to market too early and sacrificing gameplay for online bs. Only now is the game actually playable so Aug 2014 I will consider buying BF4.

EA in legal trouble over buggy Battlefield 4

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