Steam users, games, and Holiday Sale stats revealed

During day 1 of Valve’s ongoing Steam Dev Days conference, the company revealed that Steam has now reached 75 million active monthly users.

Back in late October 2013, Valve reported 65 million active users, and 45 million in September 2013 – so this explosive growth is very impressive indeed.

Based on latest available figures, this makes Steam larger than the Xbox Live subscriber base which Microsoft pegs at 48 million (this includes Windows Live users who are now under the umbrella of Xbox Live).

EA Origin boasts 50 million users, while Sony’s PlayStation Network dominates with 110 million accounts.

The Steam for Mobile app now reportedly has over 7 million users.

Game releases on Steam

Game releases have surged in 2013 compared to previous years, showing a 66% year-on-year increase. This is likely due to the vastly expanded indie market, following the introduction of Steam Greenlight.

Over 10% of the 2013 games released were early-access titles.

Number of games released on Steam:

  • 2011: 323
  • 2012: 382
  • 2013: 636

Steam Holiday Sale 2013

During the 2013 Steam Holiday Sale:

  • 1.7 million in-game items were handed out;
  • 2 million Snow Globe trades were made; and
  • 2 million daily market transactions took place.

Steam business in 2014

Discussing business improvements in 2014, Valve has plans to add support for new currencies – no mention of the South African rand, though. The new currencies are for Australia, Thailand, Canada, Norway, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Ukraine, and Japan.

Valve is also planning to allow money transfers between Steam Wallets in 2014.

Source: SteamDB

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  • Wyzak

    Comparing accounts with number of monthly logins isn’t really fair…

  • ArchieChoke

    Think it is way better than origins way, which is boast about who is registered, not who is actually using it as their main store.

  • Wyzak

    I agree but the author of the article used that to compared subscriber numbers between PS, XBOX and Steam.

  • ArchieChoke

    Ah I see what your getting at. SOz

  • Not much else we can do to compare.

    Valve touts their active monthly user accounts, while Microsoft, Sony, and EA tout their total number of user accounts.

    I haven’t logged into my LIVE account in months, but they probably count me as a user.

    If Valve announces their claimed total number of registered accounts, or the other lot reveal their active monthly users, then sure, we have a more accurate picture.

    Until then, we report of what we’ve got.

  • Wyzak

    Yeah I understand that. Not trying to lay blame. Just saying that an un-attentive reader might read the article and be mislead to believe that EA, Sony and MS have more users than Steam for example.

  • Yes, it’s a good observation. I will remember to make the distinction next time we refer to these stats 🙂

  • Munchkin

    If one thing, Steam proves that PC gaming is far from dead, the mere fact that the average gaming PC is still better than the new XBOX one and PS4 also says something for PC gaming.

Steam users, games, and Holiday Sale stats revealed

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