EVE Online: The R3.5 million bloodbath of B-R5RB

75 Titans, 13 Supercarriers, and 370 Dreadnaughts were among the felled ships in what has been called gaming’s most destructive battle – The Bloodbath of B-R5RB.

The 21-hour marathon conflict, which began on 27 January 2014, resulted in damages worth 11 trillion ISK (EVE Online in-game currency worth between R3.3 and R3.6 million) and saw just over 7,500 players getting involved in the war.

The two warring alliances of the PL/N3 forces and CFC/Russian fleets sought to take control of the B-R5RB system in the Immensea region after a protection payment to maintain its sovrereignty was not made.

According to EVE Community’s page, the battle was “relatively even” during the initial stages while both sides tried to gain control of the system, but when command of the PL/N3 fleet was handed over to CEO of the Northern Coalition – Vince Draken – things started to go south.

The move would ultimately result in their downfall as Draken instructed fire to be focused on the Titan vessel of Sort Dragon, a member of the Council of Stellar Management.

Sort Dragon’s ship, however, withstood the onslaught longer than its attackers expected, and by the time its structure was breached the CFC/RUS forces had taken down five titans in reply.

12 hours, and many fired doomsday weapons later, the PL/N3 coalition realised the battle was lost, and the call to retreat was sounded throughout the nine planet system.

The battle was reportedly watched by over 12,000 people on Twitch.tv, who witnessed space warfare at a scale not likely to be repeated any time soon.

Among the numbers put forward in the brief stats round up was the aforementioned prestigious total of doomsdays fired; 775 – roughly 24 percent of all firings of the weapon in the last two years.

Following the fight players called for an in-game monument to commemorate the epic tussle, and “Titanomachy” was born using wrecked Titan models from the battle.

EVE Online - B-R5RB battle - a vision of the future of mankind?

EVE Online – B-R5RB battle – a vision of the future of mankind? – click to enlarge

Source: EVE Online

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EVE Online: The R3.5 million bloodbath of B-R5RB

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