Survival RPG to use virtual recreation of Earth

An ambitious RPG project called ReRoll is under-way at Pixyul studio, founded by ex-Ubisoft developers Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand (Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry series).

ReRoll aims to use civilian drones among other tech to map the globe – its mountains, rivers, ecosystems, day/night cycle, cities, and rural areas – and turn that terrain data into an environment for its survival RPG mechanics.

Pixyul explained that some concessions will have to be made on the drone-sourcing portion to pragmatic and financial reasons. For example, areas that cannot be accessed for scanning, or can rather be recreated through a combination of existing digital terrain data and procedural generation – such as deserts, tundras, and oceans.

This is obviously a very ambitious project – development is being divided into segments called BRICKS, and BRICK 1 is planned for mid-2015.

The funding of the game is being done through the pre-sale of in-game characters which range in starting skills and equipment. The most basic character starts at $20, and the most jam-packed character bundle costs $275.

Check out the ReRoll website for more insight into the project.

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Survival RPG to use virtual recreation of Earth

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