Biggest South African video gaming websites

Effective Measure has released its January 2014 traffic statistics, showing which South African video gaming news websites are topping the traffic charts, both local and international.

Effective Measure is the official traffic measurement partner of the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA), and provides accurate traffic statistics for South Africa’s top websites, such as News24, Times Live, Super Sport, and MyBroadband.

In local traffic, Mweb Gamezone lead the pack with over 52,000 unique visitors hitting their website in January 2014. MyGaming generated the most page views in January 2014.

On the international front, Lazygamer shows their strength with over 330,000 unique visitors and over 785,000 page views in January 2014.

The following table provides an overview of the largest South African gaming news websites which run Effective Measure code.

January 2014 – Effective Measure statistics

SA traffic Unique visitors / month Pageviews / month
Mweb Gamezone 52,725 161,603
MyGaming 43,893 488,919
Lazygamer 34,821 302,333
International traffic Unique visitors / month Pageviews / month
Lazygamer 334,827 789,562
Mweb Gamezone 107,218 258,836
MyGaming 97,257 600,015

Unfortunately, publications such as El33tonline, NAG Online, eGamer, and DoGaming do not list with the DMMA and Effective Measure, and therefore we cannot compare them.

The recently launched African branch of IGN is listed on Effective Measure, but has not been running tracking code long enough to provide accurate statistics. We look forward to seeing their performance in the coming months.

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Biggest South African video gaming websites

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