Titanfall beta on a small scale in SA


According to a report by IGN Africa, the Titanfall beta is being tested only on a small scale in South Africa, and more invitations will be sent out at some vague point in the future.

The statement sent to IGN Africa from EA:

“EA, Respawn and Microsoft are currently testing Titanfall on a small scale in South Africa. Once we are confident the user experience meets our expectations, we will widen the invitation to our community and fans to join the Titanfall beta.”

Titanfall launches in March – 13 March for Xbox One and PC, and 28 March for Xbox 360 – so time is running out for South Africans to participate in the beta and find out if latency will be a problem.

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  • Bjorn

    ie. we dont really care but we are going to pretend like we do

  • Bad @ss

    Damn microsoft, ea and respawn for keeping something so exciting from SA

  • Splendid

    We dont want you to test it and see its horrible then not buy it

  • Rynier G Schoeman

    Surely this is bad advertising then ? CPA should cover it because the LOCAL ORIGIN STORE THAT EVEN DISPLAYED PRICES IN RAND said that I CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE BETA?

    Why am I not allowed to do this now?

  • Viper-Smiddie

    If you registered for the Titanfall PC Beta prior to 4pm PST on Saturday, February 15th, you have been granted access to the Beta. Users will start seeing the Beta appear in their ‘My Games Library’ in Origin over the next several hours. We’re getting more people into the PC Beta so we can stress servers in preparation for launch on March 11th.

  • Viper-Smiddie

    Beta will end on 6PM PST 18-2-2014
    This is 4am on Wednesday Morning 19 February in South Africa.

  • VanderZA

    I got a beta invite. Just selected USA as country of origin. Ping was around 200 – 250ms.

Titanfall beta on a small scale in SA

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