Doom is alive, Wolfenstein: The New Order release dated

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Bethesda has announced that Wolfenstein: The New Order will release on 23 May 2014 for Windows PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

For those who pre-order there will be beta access for the next Doom game.

This is the first we’ve heard about Doom 4 since developer id Software decided to go back to the drawing board in August 2013, and that’s the only info Bethesda has revealed.

As for Wolfenstein: The New Order, the game takes place in an alternate history where the Nazis were successful in World War 2, and have taken over Europe, ruling with an iron fist. Due to (spoilers) the series’ hero BJ Blazkowitz has been out of commission for quite some time, and returns to society witnessing the horrors that the Nazis have enacted on the world.

So, as you’d expect, it’s up to BJ to infiltrate the Nazi war machine and kill everything in his way in order to stop this New Order. MyGaming got hands on with the game, and we were quite impressed.

The game is developed by MachineGames using id Software’s id Tech 5 engine.

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Doom is alive, Wolfenstein: The New Order release dated

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