Shadow of Mordor will be gimped on Xbox 360, PS3

Speaking during an interview with IGN, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor design director Michael de Plater said that the game is heavily focussed on the next-gen console experience, and the intriguing Nemesis system may be scaled back for the older Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

De Plater said “We’re very focused on the PS4 and Xbox One. We’re focusing on the next-gen platforms, and then going to do whatever we can to get as much as possible on current-gen.”

“To break it down, some of the stuff we’re pretty confident will still be very similar on current gen: the core mechanics, like combat, stealth, ranged and movements; the basic control and gameplay, that should all be really solid. What it won’t have is the same level of depth and variety and simulation within the ‘Nemesis system'”.

“The story will be the same and the core gameplay will be the same, but [the ‘Nemesis system’ is] just so huge in terms of content, calculations and AI we’ll just have to try and get as much of it in as we can,” said de Plater.

Shadow of Mordor made a critical strike on gamer mind share when it was revealed with an exciting gameplay video and developer accusations of stolen code, leading up to its 2014 release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and PS4.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is under development by Monolith Productions, who is collaborating with Middle-earth Enterprises, Peter Jackson, and the artists at Weta Workshop to ensure that the settings, characters and story align authentically within canon.

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Shadow of Mordor will be gimped on Xbox 360, PS3

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