Update: Stick of Truth PC stock shortage in SA

Update: Megarom, distributor of Ubisoft products in South Africa, has clarified that from their side, they fulfilled pre-order numbers as requested by retailers, and that pre-order stock allocations were not cut.

Megarom is anticipating more PC stock to arrive by the end of next week (the week of 9-14 March).

In the weeks leading up to the launch of south Park: The Stick of Truth, much was made of the uncensored PC version versus the censored console version of the game. Could this have led to increased demand for the PC version? Did this sway your purchase decision? Let us know in the comments.

Original article: A large game retailer has confirmed to MyGaming that launch stock allocations of South Park: The Stick of Truth on PC have been cut in SA.

This has led to a shortfall in fulfilling PC pre-orders. The retailer’s spokesperson said it is not clear when the next batch of PC copies will be available, but it could be another two to three weeks from the time of writing.

Xbox 360 and PS3 allocations have not been affected.

South Park: The Stick of Truth has received positive reviews: The Stick of Truth: would Mr. Mackey approve?

Console versions of South Park: The Stick of Truth will have censored scenes for its Europe, Middle-East, and Africa (EMEA) release (which includes South Africa). The PC version will not be censored. South Park: The Stick of Truth carries a PEGI 18 rating.

The game is written and voiced by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and will require players to arm themselves in order to defeat the crabpeople, underpants gnomes, goddamn hippies, and other forces of evil.

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  • ChevronZa

    Why not mention that it’s available on Steam?

  • Neo

    Probably because the “large retailer” asked them nicely not to? Remember, always buy local and support your friendly ANC “guvment”

  • Gaming Facts

    Exactly, got my copy on steam ready to go!

  • I was asked no such thing.

  • Neo

    James, we all know your involvement with Nkandla and guptagate. No use hiding now.

    I’ve heard, from voices, that mygaming is actually funded by money from the arms deal.

  • Get out! Bloody agent!

Update: Stick of Truth PC stock shortage in SA

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