Titanfall SA cancellation not due to CPA complaint

Since the announcement of the cancelled launch of Titanfall in South Africa, speculation has been doing the rounds that the cause was a Consumer Protection Act complaint lodged against Apex Interactive and EA South Africa.

MyGaming has established this is not the case.

The speculation stemmed from a post over on the SA Gamer forum, in which the user summarised their grievance:

Titanfall which is set for release in March this year (2014), across multiple platforms, will be a multiplayer only game which hosting servers are not located in South Africa.

How will Apex be informing consumers about the fact that the experience will be diminished when the product is used locally?

I refer to Consumer’s rights to safe, good quality goods, section 55 of the National Consumer Act. It is my understanding that consumers have the right to be informed of any diminished qualities a product may contain. In the case of this product, no local facilities are in place in order to support the play experience sufficiently and thus the supplier (As informed by BT Games) has to make effort to inform the consumer of this.

Apex Interactive confirmed that they received the complaint, and passed it on the legal department of EA South Africa and EA international.

Apex clarified that international EA representatives were recently present in South Africa to test the viability of the Titanfall game played on local Internet connections made to Titanfall’s international Microsoft Azure servers.

As stated by EA, they found the experience was not adequate, and decided not to launch the game in our country.

MyGaming also checked with the National Consumer Tribunal and there is no ruling on the above-mentioned CPA complaint, which means the tribunal has not heard the complaint.

Additionally, there is no legal documentation posted to the Southern African Legal Information Institute, which publishes legal information for free public access including CPA rulings.

EA South Africa has not responded to our request for additional information on the Titanfall situation by the time of publication.

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Titanfall SA cancellation not due to CPA complaint

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