Costume Quest 2 announced by Double Fine

Double Fine never revisits a game and announces a sequel, but the developer has revealed Costume Quest 2 is in the works – their first sequel ever.

The original cutesy Halloween-themed RPG featured a turn based battle system in which each costume you equipped had certain abilities and skills.

Costume Quest 2 reportedly features an improved battle system; it’s “deeper and juicier” said Double Fine boss Tim Schafer, adding “It’s the kind of game you always want to revisit, there’s such a great core to it.”

Returning heroes Wren and Reynold will have a “new batch of costumes with which to transform into giant super powered fantasy Hallowarriors,” according to publisher Midnight City (a brand under Majesco).

Costume Quest 2 has no release date and it’s not yet clear as of which platforms it will be released on.

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Costume Quest 2 announced by Double Fine

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