Skyscraper Tetris aims to break world record


Drexel Game Design Program co-founder, Frank Lee, will look to break his own world record next month when he turns a 29-storey building into a giant Tetris-playing TV screen.

Lee currently holds the Guinness World Record for “Largest Architectural Video Game Display” which he earned last year by setting up 460 LED screens on the 133m tall Cira Centre to create a giant game of Pong.

Lee’s fresh attempt at the record will take place on the same building, but he plans to use two sides of the façade – doubling the screens’ surface area.

“My goal for creating Pong on the Cira Centre last year was for people in Philadelphia to have a unique, shared experience. One regret that I had was that we only used one side of the building. So it was only visible to half of the city,” he said.

“This year I wanted to find a way to use all sides of the building and truly created an aesthetic of a unique and fleeting moment shared by all the people in Philadelphia,” said Lee.

The record attempt, which kicks off Philly Tech Week, will take place on 4 April.

Source: Eurogamer

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Skyscraper Tetris aims to break world record

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