Unreal Engine 4 shown running in web browser

Mozilla Firefox

Epic Games and Mozilla released a video on 13 March 2014 demonstrating the Unreal Engine 4 running in Firefox.

The video was posted to show the potential of the web as a platform for gaming, according to the Mozilla blog.

The video, shown below, features Epic Games’ “Soul” and “Swing Ninja” demos running at near-native speeds in the web browser without plugins. According to the post, the engine is being designed to scale between consoles, mobile devices, PC and the web.

“This technology has reached a point where games that users can jump into via a Web link are now almost indistinguishable from ones they might have had to wait to download and install,” wrote Mozilla’s senior vice president of engineering Brendan Eich.

“We were blown away by what this Mozilla-pioneered technology achieved with Unreal Engine 3 on the Web, so we had no hesitation in working with Mozilla to port Unreal Engine 4,” said Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney.

“We believe the web has a crucial part to play in the future of game development and deployment, and Mozilla has proven it is the catalyst to make this happen.”

Source: Polygon

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Unreal Engine 4 shown running in web browser

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