Forget goats, here’s Bear Simulator

Bear Simulator

We all had a good laugh reading about Goat Simulator, but things are getting a lot more serious in the animal simulation arena. There’s a new player on the market, and its called Bear Simulator.

The game, looking to be created by Farjay Studios, is currently on the Kickstarter website looking for $29 500, and had raised just under $6000 at the time of publication with 222 backers. There is a whole lot more information on the site, too, if you want to do a bit of in-depth research about this bearrific game.

In the game trailer, posted below, you can see your bear avatar walking around (on two legs – done for testing  purposes) foraging for berries, catching fish, stealing honey, hitting pigs, and being attacked by big foot. Yes, you will fight the bear’s arch enemey, the sasquatch. What more could you want from a game?

Are you all wet-nosed for Bear Simulator? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Forget goats, here’s Bear Simulator

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