Keep your Xbox reputation in the green

Microsoft has unveiled their reputation notification update for Xbox One, which allows players to see how well behaved their counterparts are on Xbox Live.

Posted on Xbox Wire, the reputation levels are colour coded and come with a a status.

“On Xbox One, there are currently categories of player reputation score – “Green = Good Player,” being the large majority of our users, “Yellow = Needs Work” and “Red = Avoid Me.” By looking at someone’s Gamercard you’re able to quickly see their reputation. The more hours you play fairly online without being reported as abusive by other players, the better your reputation will be. The algorithm looks to identify players that are repeatedly disruptive across the community on Xbox Live.”

The goal of the reputation system is to ensure gamers are matched to players who will not be abusive over the platform, and create a better gaming community.

Xbox Reputation Screen

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Keep your Xbox reputation in the green

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