Battlefield 4 has yet another ridiculous bug

Battlefield 4

There’s a new bug in Battlefield 4 town since the launch of the Naval Strike DLC, and its offing boat pilots who use TV-guided missiles.

Normally, a TV missile launched from an attack boat can be destroyed in-flight by gun fire, but the latest bug sees the boat driver taking damage instead of the missile when it is fired upon. The TV missiles are not exploding when receiving bullet damage, instead the boat pilot is simply dying.

Naval Strike for PC was initially delayed due to “performance issues” and was released on 31 March 2014 after these issues were supposedly addressed by DICE.

This followed promises by the Swedish developers earlier in March that netcode and bug fixes would be implemented to address players’ grievances with the game.

Most recently, DICE admitted that server-side issues were causing “rubber-banding” in large multiplayer games.

Below is a video demonstrating the TV missile/pilot death bug.

What do the Battlefield 4 players out there have to say – are you still playing or have you given up on this game? Let us know in the comments and forum.

Source: mp1st

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Battlefield 4 has yet another ridiculous bug

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