Former Silent Hill, The Witcher devs announce horror game

Rosebud Games is the home of developers who have worked on Silent Hill: Origins; F.E.A.R. Extraction Point; and The Witcher. Oh, and the lead level designer for BioShock works with them as a consultant.

The studio have decided to put this talent to good use, and have announced the development of an open-world horror game set in 1940’s New England – Death in Candlewood.

The game is described as a “love story between the living and the dead” – the player takes on the role of a doctor searching for his adopted son. You will be able to explore over six square kilometres of Candlewood – the game’s fictitious town – drive vehicles, swim through rivers, and explore buildings.

The studio said that Death in Candlewood has been in development since 2011, but needs $60,000 (around R638,000) to be completed. Like many before them, they turned to Kickstarter for the required funds and the studio now has until 2 May 2014 to raise the moola.

Death in Candlewood is due to be released in April 2015, and will sell for 20$ (R210).

Source: Eurogamer

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Former Silent Hill, The Witcher devs announce horror game

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