Why PCFormat SA is being shut down


Panorama, publisher of the PCFormat magazine in SA, issued a press statement on 4 April 2014 explaining their decision to shut down the magazine.

Why are we discontinuing PCFormat? Simply put, a printed version is no longer feasible because of the target market’s preference for digital information.

The original PCF UK has had a number of licensed products around the globe over many years. All but two PCF printed versions remain – the original UK version and one other.

All trends and developments clearly show that specific markets are moving away from paper in totality or certainly show a significant preference for digital and online offerings.

So we say goodbye to a familiar face on our magazine racks, with a promise of better things to come electronically in the future.

PCF has been around for 17 years in South Africa, and 206 issues later, the May 2014 issue will be the last printed version.

PCFormat’s South African online presence will be carried forward by the G3AR website and the PCFormat forum remains live.

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Why PCFormat SA is being shut down

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