The Elder Scrolls Online – new content revealed

Bethesda has revealed the first adventure zone for The Elder Scrolls Online – Craglorn.

Craglorn will be free for ESO subscribers later this month, and will feature content geared towards high-level players. Included are new quests for four players, and some new 12-player trials.

“There’s a lot of different monsters we throw at you and, of course, there are boss monsters that have interesting tactics you haven’t encountered anywhere in the game before,” said the game’s creative director, Paul Sage.

The area will feature its own mystery, revolving around constellations that have gone missing from the sky, and the townsfolk will talk about rumours of celestial beings that are probably up to no good.

Below is a video detailing the finer points of the new adventure zone.

Source: Gamespot

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The Elder Scrolls Online – new content revealed

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