Battlefield 4 has yet another bug

As if Battlefield 4 wasn’t glitchy enough, yet another bug has made its way into the modern warfare FPS.

Lovingly called the “death shield” bug, players are able to shield themselves from damage for a time, hiding behind their fallen comrades.

If a player is shot but is “revivable”, their hit-box remains in the area above him or her where their character would be if it was standing.

This hit-box provides a “shield” for players behind the wounded body, and rounds fired at the player – from assault rifle bullets to tank shells – are either deflected or absorbed by the fallen soldier’s hit-box.

If the fallen soldier is killed or dies while lying on the floor waiting for a revive, the shield disappears, and player that hid behind the body is once again vulnerable.

We’ll just add this to the long list of gaffes for DICE and EA’s Battlefield 4, which have led to threats of legal action against EA because of Battlefield 4’s bugs as well as delaying the expansion, Naval Strike, which was delayed for PC due to “performance issues”.

Other fun glitches include TV guided missiles fired by boat pilots being destroyed and killing the player who fired them as well as the well-documented Battlefield 4 servers caused rubber-banding.

Watch the video below to see the “hit-box shield” bug in action.

Should we just accept that Battlefield 4 will never be perfect, and get on playing? Let us know in the comments and forum.

Source: MP1st

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Battlefield 4 has yet another bug

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