Bethesda attacked by barbed wire lobbyists

Evil Within trollface

The Evil Within publisher, Bethesda Softworks has come under fire from barbed wire lobbyists for its negative portrayal of the metal product in its upcoming game The Evil Within.

As you can see in the box art for the PS4 release (below) barbed wire is shown to cause pain and suffering, something the lobby groups are not pleased with at all.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within

“Bethesda thinks it’s okay to ignore all the benefits of barbed wire and make it look like some scary thing used by murderers,” said a barbed wire spokeswoman. “It’s a positive force for good.”

The Onion, America’s number one news source for all things true and factual and totally not satirical in any way, filed this exclusive report, below.

Source: The Onion

(Yeah we know it’s The Onion)

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Bethesda attacked by barbed wire lobbyists

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