Microsoft working on Xbox One and DStv integration

Xbox One integration with satellite pay TV service DStv is in the works in South Africa, the group director of consumer channel at Microsoft SA, Melanie Botha, told journalists on Tuesday, 15 April 2014.

Botha emphasised that nothing is final yet, but said that they are working on offering the Xbox One’s much-touted entertainment features in South Africa.

Among the features announced when Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox One during May 2013 was its ability to interface with the set-top box of television service providers (particularly the US cable TV providers).

Not only would you be able to interact with your TV service’s electronic program guide using the Xbox, you will be able to do so through the console’s voice recognition engine.

This latest feedback from Botha follows an earlier statement from MultiChoice in which they said that they have not had any discussions with Microsoft yet, but are “always open to discuss possible partnership and cooperation agreements with external parties.”

The Xbox One is set to launch in South Africa during September 2014. The exact date is yet to be confirmed, Microsoft said.

Will you be hooking up your Xbox One (when it eventually arrives in SA) to DStv? Let us know in the comments and forum.

Article courtesy of MyBroadband

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Microsoft working on Xbox One and DStv integration

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