Best iPad games you should be playing

Technology has grown to the point where we can enjoy our favourite games, new and old, on our tablets. If you need to kill some time, these are some of the best iPad games that have been ported from console or PC which will give you hours of fun.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Metacritic : 84

Recently released for iOS, GTA: San Andreas is everything you love about the GTA universe on your tablet. And if you are not of age to play the game, you can always take your iPad and hide in the roof while pulling off some sweet drive-by shootings.

Final Fantasy 4

Metacritic: 89

Final Fantasy 4 on the iPad is as classic as it was on the Super Nintendo. Square Enix have launched Final Fantasy 1 to 6, along with Final Fantasy: War of the Lions and Theatrythm: Final Fantasy, on the tablet, too, so you can play a large part of the franchise on the go.

The Walking Dead

Metacritic: 86

The Walking Dead for iPad is everything you love about the original game, plus you can try Episode 1 for free. Can you survive on this platform?

Doom Classic

Metacritic: 84

The best shooter from the 90s is playable on the iPad, with four-player online support, customizable controls, all the games original episodes, and a new fourth episode added. Doom Classic is the iPad game for all you shooter fanatics – it is everything you love about Doom, but portable.

Worms 3

Metacritic: 74

This list would not be complete without a worms game. Who doesn’t love blowing up worms with rockets, grenades, and dynamite, and Worms 3 on iPad lets you do all of that. It not the best looking game around, but it is classic worms, and it works well.

Which iPad games are on the top of your list? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Best iPad games you should be playing

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