Fight and ride dinosaurs in The Stomping Land

Do you want to ride, fight, kill, and eat dinosaurs? Then you should try out The Stomping Land.

The Stomping Land, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2013, is a sandbox multiplayer survival game set in a reality where man and dinosaur live side by side.

The game is due out on Steam Early Access later in May – 23 May 2014 for backers and 30 May 2014 for non-backers – for $24.99 (±R260).

The game will have you not only hunt and kill dinosaurs, which you can then eat, but also tame the beasts and ride them. In fact, the multiplayer aspect lets up to 3 players ride a large dinosaurs at the same time.

Your primary weapons in The Stomping Land will be a bow and arrow, and a spear, which can fell smaller dinosaurs with a single shot. Players will also be able to use large poles to vault over dinosaurs, and construct rope and spike traps to take down your most fierce rival – the T-Rex.

The Stomping Land

The Stomping Land

Players will be able to track dinosaurs by following their footprints, craft clothing and headgear to camouflage themselves, and engage other gamers in player-on-player encounters.

The game’s website contains the finer details of the game, as well as a section where all the dinosaur species are profiled.

What do you think of The Stomping Land? Let us know in the comments and forum .

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Fight and ride dinosaurs in The Stomping Land

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