In-home game streaming launched for Steam

Valve has launched its In-Home Streaming feature for Steam. The feature is currently available to all PC, Mac OS X, Linux, and SteamOS users.

In-Home Streaming allows users to connect multiple PCs on the same network to a single Steam account. Users can then manage their Steam games library and also stream games across the various PCs.

For example, a use scenario would be to use a laptop or home theatre PC to control the download and installation of Steam games to a powerful gaming PC.

Games can then be streamed from the gaming PC to be viewed and controlled on home theatre PC or laptop. The gaming PC will handle the processing, while the networked PC receives the audio-visual output and transmits game control input.

Users will also be able to play a game on their main gaming PC and then move to another device and continue playing through streaming.

Interestingly, In-Home Streaming allows for Windows games to be streamed to devices using other operating systems.

Will you be making use of Steam’s In-Home Streaming? Let us know in the comments.

Steam In-Home Streaming diagram

Steam In-Home Streaming diagram

Head on over to the website to learn more: Steam In-Home Streaming

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In-home game streaming launched for Steam

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