Battlefield 4 adds microtransactions to shortcut gameplay

Are you terrible at Battlefield 4, unable to play well due to the slew of glitches and bugs, or simply love handing money over to EA?

Then we are pleased to announce that you don’t have to earn Battlefield 4 Battlepacks anymore – you can buy them.

“Starting today, we are introducing a new way to acquire Battlepacks, the bundles of content that provide a mix of in-game items including accessories, emblem shapes, profile pictures, dog tags, XP boosts, knives, and paints,” said Dice.

“Battlepacks can still be earned through normal gameplay progressions, but we are now giving players the option to purchase Battlepacks as a shortcut to catch up with their friends on the Battlefield.”

The Battlepacks – which come in bronze, silver, and gold varieties – can be bought from Origin.

Pricing will be $1 (R10) for Bronze Battlepacks, $2 (R20) for Silver Battlepacks, and $3 (R30) for Gold Battlepacks.

Battlefield 4 - Battlepacks

Battlefield 4 – Battlepacks

We have a feeling you might have a few things to say about this. Give us your thoughts in the comments and forum.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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Battlefield 4 adds microtransactions to shortcut gameplay

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