Watch Dogs problems? Here’s your SA support number

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Megarom Interactive, distributor of Ubisoft products in SA, has responded to the issue of Watch Dogs and its launch problems.

The distributor has provided a support number for anyone experiencing problems – 0861 987 363. The operating hours for the support centre are 8am to 5pm. You can also contact them via email on [email protected]

A Megarom spokesperson issued the following statement.

Every game of Watchdogs that is sold in South Africa has been stickered with a support number (0861 987 363) that I would strongly advise any gamer having issues to contact as their first port of call.

To date I can share the following support details pertaining to Watch Dogs that our support staff have fielded since launch.

•    Total of 5 issues.
•    3 Disk Issues, these were swapped at retail and the problem has been solved.
•    2 Authentication issues
•    I can also confirm that our Support Staff are playing Watch Dogs on PC and have had no authentication issues.

We like our Support Centre to be the first port of call as they are technically trained and are able to assist consumers in finding the solutions needed efficiently. If the game has been deemed physically faulty our Support Centre will issue a return number which can then be used to return the game to the relevant retailer where the game was purchased. It is important to note that the terms of return are dictated by the retailer but would also have to be in line with the consumer protection act.

If our support team has not been able to resolve an issue adequately they will then forward the issue on to a relevant person at Megarom Interactive who will then work directly with the customer in order to reach an amicable solution.

Alternatively customers can also contact Ubisoft support directly on

Megarom also touched on the Uplay authentication issues:

Regarding the initial authentication issues experienced by some users, I feel that Ubisoft’s statement has addressed what the problem was and can confirm that the issue has improved tremendously.

Ubisoft’s official statement regarding the Uplay login issues:

“We have identified an authentication issue affecting our online services and leading to some PC players being unable to activate Watch Dogs. We are actively working on solutions and have begun to see improvements. We will provide more information as soon as we’re able to do so.”

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Watch Dogs problems? Here’s your SA support number

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