Ubisoft defends Watch Dogs PC performance, congratulates itself

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Ubisoft’s “Graphics Technical Director” on Watch Dogs, Sebastien Viard, has said a few words in defence of the game’s shoddy launch on PC, and then gave his dev team a public pat on the back for shipping a game that, by many accounts, doesn’t run properly, if at all.

Apparently there is a patch in the works and it can’t come soon enough because three days after launch, I’m still not able to play the game on PC myself.

In a series of tweets Viard said the following:

Watch Dogs can use 3+ GB of RAM on NG [next-gen] consoles for graphics, your PC GPU needs enough VRAM for ultra options due to the lack of unified mem.

If you experience lag/stutter on a fast PC, try to lower one of those settings to reduce the GPU VRAM usage: texture quality, AA, resolution.

Making an open world run on NG & CG [current-gen] consoles + supporting PC is an incredibly complex task, the team did a fantastic job. Congrats guys! 😀

And finally, our PC progs are also currently working on a patch to improve your experience thanks to your reports, stay tuned 🙂

Regular readers may be aware that I’m not pleased with the product that Ubisoft delivered. Aside from the asinine “tips” on improving performance, to see the developer congratulating themselves for allowing a bug-ridden product to be shipped to paying customers is another infuriating insult.

It’s an obvious assertion that it’s a complex task to get a game running well across multiple platforms – it’s their job to do that properly and deliver a quality product to the paying customer.

It’s one thing to be proud of your work, but how about a bit of humility in light of the rampant problems that gamers are having? They need only look to their own technical support forums for over 50 pages of reasons why: Ubisoft Watch Dogs Technical Support Forum

After all, this was a game that was six years in the making and was marketed as a “next-generation defining experience”. Personally, I’m sick and tired of the “ship now, patch later” attitude.

Until I get the chance to play the game I paid for, I’ll have to enjoy it vicariously through gameplay videos others are uploading.

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  • Michael

    “the team did a fantastic job” lol, that just made my day.

  • Lycanthrope

    I love the counter-intuitiveness of “We did a crap job on PC but people bought it anyway, well done, team!”

  • Kromas

    This is pretty much the last gen that the “porting is hard” defense will fly. The architecture is so damn close to each other now and even to pc that next gen they might as well be the same all the way.

  • Eric

    What I don’t understand… Isn’t this the EXACT reason why the game was delayed in the first place?

  • YouKnowWho

    “I’m still not able to play the game on PC myself.” Maybe you just suck at working the PC since MILLIONS of people don’t have this problem 😛

  • I sense that your comment was tongue-in-cheek, but to seriously respond, I’m not a PC noob. I’ve pored over various message boards seeking potential solutions while I await a patch that will hopefully fix it.

    The fact that it’s even necessary for me to try solve a problem like this myself through workarounds is a poor indictment of Ubisoft.

    What about those who aren’t tech-savvy and expect the PC product to work at launch? Should they be expected to do their own trouble-shooting or assume it’s their fault the game doesn’t work?

    No, Ubisoft really needs to communicate better with its customers, but what do they care really, since they are too busy counting money?

  • YouKnowWho

    Not tongue in cheek at all… you seem to have a personal vendetta against either Ubisoft or Watch Dogs.. we get it. The game isn’t working for you.. boo hoo.. it works for most everyone else.
    Have you called the helpline? Or are you to l33t for that?

  • I’m doing my job reporting about a shoddy game launch and talking about how disrespectful the developer is to its paying customers.

    Just because the game “works” for most everyone else has zero mitigating effect on the fact that it does not work for many others. Are you suggesting that the customers who don’t have a working product should just shut up, suck it up, and accept that they were unlucky? Preposterous.

    We consistently report on the failings of many big publishers and developers, so you might as well accuse me of a vendetta against all of them too. I’m here to lend a voice to those who don’t have the benefit of a platform to raise these issues – you know, the job of a journalist.

    Regardless, you seem to be a troll or Ubisoft PR shill so I won’t entertain your nonsense any longer.

  • YouKnowWho

    you consistently report on bullshit with click bait headlines or blatant copying.. it’s pathetic really…
    5 articles in two days against one game is pathetic.. I’m sure if your boss actually read the shit you posted you’d be fired but I know he doesn’t…
    Get off your high degreed ass and try remember that most of us just want to enjoy gaming not hear you pathetic privileged whining.. go get a real job

  • Lycanthrope
  • Lycanthrope

    haha @ poor guy who had to thumb up his own comment. Your opinion is totally in the majority.

    So, tell us, what “real job” job do you have that allows you to spend the day reading gaming articles? Woops.

  • YouKnowWho

    I’m a Gigilo.. the pays good as are the hours and … hey it’s all awesome

  • YouKnowWho

    “The mans penis had to be removed to get the nut off, and then the doctors attached it back on.”

    Oh sweet lord nothing has made me cringe that bad in my entire life… how… why… I’m in so much virtual pain now I can’t even explain it

  • YouKnowWho

    How can a system allow you to upvote your own comment.. stupid piece of crap

  • I really don’t get the hate against James. Seriously, as gamers we should be raising as much a stink as possible over crap like this. Just because YOU’RE not affected you don’t care, but that’s so short-sighted. Next time, next game, it might be you. And then will you be so quick to jump to the developer’s defense? It’s pathetic. They’ve released a game that’s completely broken for some and just running poorly for others, and we think that’s okay? After they delayed the release?

    And then to have the audacity to CONGRATULATE themselves on the launch.

    Seriously, until gamers unanimously demand better, we’re going to keep seeing these crappy launches that require 2-3 patches before they actually run optimally.

    Hell, SimCity took a YEAR to put in an offline patch that a hacker did in 3 days.

    I didn’t buy Watch Dogs, I don’t plan to – I don’t have a dog in this fight. But this is not good enough, really. I’m extremely disappointed by how people have responded to this.

  • Basically, Ubisoft promised chocolate chips in this muffin and they delivered raisins instead.

  • Zewp

    Do you work for Ubisoft, you bloody apologist?

    It should not be acceptable for a company to release a game that works poorly or not at all for a significant portion of their customers, even if those people number in the minority.

    Go jump in hole filled with scorpions if you think it’s okay for consumers to be given a broken product and expected to fix it themselves.

  • I love raisins! GET A REAL JOB!

  • SkyZA

    Well at least it wasn’t turd chips, right? Haha, NO. Stop selling us broken shit, publishers and devs. Fix your games and TEST them. It’s not that hard.

  • Ugh, you’re obviously a raisin PR shill or some sort of sick raisin apologist.

  • awaldeck

    Wow , what an inconsiderate person you are.if you actually paid attention there are loads of people with problems running the game, and many others per launch these days. They are getting lazy and know, well we have internets to send them patches. Back before the highspeed internets and our nice little online game libraries, games we bought worked out the box with little to none issues.
    If i ever notice you complain about service delivery or similar, I will reciprocate with your stinking attitude.

  • Wyzak

    It’s a dangerous line to tread to exclude those with minority opinions.

  • Wyzak

    Try and be more considerate to people who have different views to your own. We are each entitled to our own views.

  • Wyzak

    There are also lots of people who are running the game without any serious issues. Allow other people to voice their opinions.

  • Wyzak

    There are multiple sides to every story. Some people are playing the game with little or no issues (myself included). Should we just sit back and see how one-sided articles are published by MyGaming over and over again? I’m entitled to a one-sided opinion, and so are you, but a gaming site should really try to be objective and give both sides a say.

  • The other side? I’m not really sure I understand. Of course not EVERYONE is having issues, but if even 10% of people are, that’s not good enough.

    James has mentioned multiple times that there are people posting all over message boards complaining of issues – obviously if the problem was isolated to him alone it’d be different, but there appear to be very many people suffering.

    I don’t really see a lack of objectivity, aside from the column he posted – columns of course being opinion pieces.

  • What little Ubisoft has had to say about it, I have reported.

  • Wyzak

    It’s a well known fact that people complain easier than they compliment. Just because there are 10 complaints for every compliment, doesn’t mean that only 10% of the people are enjoying the game.

    Please go and read James’s other articles, IE the one where he compares Ubisoft to a pig rolling in it’s own excrement – his words not mine. And the flaming hatred in his other article.

    The only objective article that we’ve seen so far from MyGaming was the one by Kevin.

  • Wyzak
  • Lycanthrope

    Wyzak, read his sentence: “…most of us just want to enjoy gaming not hear you [sic] pathetic privileged whining…”

    That is his “minority opinion” which you seem to be defending.

    No-one is excluding his opinion, simply calling it out for the bull that it is.

  • Wyzak

    He may have overdone it a little bit, but I agree with him to the extent that the last two days’ articles have just felt like James whining because he has some dll issue and can’t get the game to run. I can’t help to think that those articles would have been completely different if his situation had been reversed with my situation.

  • Lycanthrope

    It’s made for entertaining reading, and I know I’m not the only one who’s enjoyed the deviation from the norm.

    I’m pretty sure that they would still have reported on the problems being experienced with Watch Dogs since many other publications are doing precisely that. The only difference is that this isn’t another sterile report about it, but one with personal investment, which makes for significantly more entertaining reading.

    I don’t understand why people insist on reading articles that seem to upset/offend/whatever them. It’s there for entertainment, to elicit a reaction and to be interesting. This succeeds.

    Hell, how many clicks do you think MyG have gotten out of these articles and the obviously vocal minority of illiterate, “ZOMG JAMES, HOW KAN U GIEF UR OPINIONZ?”

    Before you’ve even started to bitch about it, you’ve earned them money.

    If it grates your tits so much to read these articles or the threads in which other people express the same sentiments, then here’s a thought: don’t.

  • Wyzak

    Well James finally got his game working, so it will be interesting to see what the articles are like next week.

  • I’m trying to better understand your point of view, so I’ve got a question…

    Would you consider it objective if every time before the negatives are mentioned, we add a sentence or two like:

    “The game reportedly works for many gamers, while many others complain about glitches and game-breaking bugs. It is not clear at this time for how many the game is broken or buggy, and for how many the game is running acceptably.” ?

  • That actually sounds retarded, not objective and I read this piece and the last one and it was a bit heavy on the hatred, but at the same time its also understandable.

    Why would people rage over tot he forums because they can play the game, that just seems silly, the ones not on the forums are the ones busy playing the game. Myself and 2 friends have this game, its working perfectly for myself and another, yet the 3rd is lagging beyond belief and we all have very similarly spec’ed machines. All 3 with Nvidia cards too.

    At the same time when D3 was released I had a royal nightmare of it and my friends had zero problems, SimCity was a complete disaster, for me as well, lost 2 cities in the beginning and spent almost a month on their help desk with the complaint about it.

    I would have to agree with Chris Kemp, its really in poor taste for them to go congratulate themselves on a wonderful release with numerous fault complaints, if he tossed in apology then it would of been a bit different as yes it is a good game and nothing is ever perfect, but he is standing up and boasting as if it were perfect and af if not a single person is having trouble playing and nobody had DRM issues on launch.

    Nothing can ever be truly unbiased, otherwise they may as well build computers to write articles, they will by dry and boring, I would ignore Wyzak if I were you, he either woke up on the wrong side of the bed of his wife’s making him visit Mrs Palm and her 5 daughters.

  • “Working” being a relative term. It still plays like pig excrement rolling up hill 😉

    I will of course continue to follow news of patch roll outs, and at some point I’ll weigh in with my (clearly biased) opinion on the (patched) game itself, if anyone is interested.

  • Wyzak

    Not necessarily all of the time, but at least some of the time. The definition of objectivity is to portray all sides of the story.

    If MyGaming is all about sensationalism and subjectivity (as Lycanthrope seams to suggest below), I will rather go and look for an objective site to follow.

    I’m unable to simply sit back and have everybody tear Ubisoft a new one while they actually provided an amazing game that I am really enjoying. It is unfortunate that others are having issues, but I feel that some of the criticism is unjustified.

  • Johann Botha

    This is Rage all over again….

  • Johan du Preez

    Great article again Jan

  • Johan du Preez

    And millions of people have the problem as well ….

  • Johan du Preez

    I fully Agree

  • Johan du Preez

    So you suggesting that no problem should be reported on and that he only must say good things ?

    You do realize that watchdogs got released this week right go and read other gaming sites and you might be enlightened on how biased the internet is. Because 5 articles a week defines you as being biased.

    The horror ….

  • Wyzak

    LOL, so your game is also working. Are you having fun?

  • Wyzak

    For what it’s worth the latest Nvidia patch seams to have buggered up my World of Tanks, so I think I’m going to roll back to the previous release and see how that runs Watch Dogs.

  • Gareth Smith

    “it’s their job to do that properly and deliver a quality product to the paying customer.”

    Just as it is a journalists job to provide factual news and not some series of flame articles about how he cant play his game.
    As far as I can see this article is labelled as “news” not as james’ personal blog, where I feel these multiple articles belong.

  • Jose

    Playing the game on PC with only one problem, I’m not enjoying it at all. Ultimately we all play games for fun, I’m not having fun with this game, I’m at the point where I’m trying to force myself to enjoy it and even that’s not working.

  • Zewp

    You mean be more considerate to someone who essentially tells people to stop ‘whining’ if a product they purchased does not work.

    Wyzak, the amount of shilling you’ve been doing for this game the past week is somewhat staggering. Remember Simcity?

  • Wyzak

    Yes I remember Simcity, the game was broken by design. Users were forced to play online where their savegames were lost even when they were able to get online through massive server troubles. Then it became apparent that the agents were completely broken and the game needed some heavy patching to be functional at all.

    Not the same scenario as Watch Dogs, yes it has server troubles but you can play offline. Yes it has micro-stuttering, but by dropping your resolution you can practically eliminate it.

    Massive game-breaking issues in one game versus fairly minor issues in the other.

  • MaSeKind

    So what exactly is the problems the people are having? I’ve now played 20+ hours and not even a single crash, let alone buggy gameplay. Is this another one of those cases where the different distributions of the game are behaving differently? I bought the digital download. Which one are you guys having issues with?

  • rooislangwtf

    They had a my Watch_Dogs runs fine article.

  • Wyzak

    Yeah, only much later.

  • rooislangwtf

    It was posted before this one.

  • Wyzak

    Yep, and there was another whining article posted after this one as well.

  • Nope, this so called revolutionary game is GTA with hacking. There is about as much revolutionary to this as the sun rising the morning.

    Ubisoft really needs to find a dictionary.

  • Wyzak

    That’s a shame, why did you buy the game then?

  • Zewp

    Except for those people who couldn’t play the game at all because the server issues meant they couldn’t redeem their game key.

    But I guess we’ll overlook that as a gamebreaking issue because Wyzak actually likes Watchdogs and therefore his armchair activism goes flying out the window and the rest of us should just shut up because it’s okay to be sold broken, unoptimized games that are in dire need of patching.

  • Wyzak

    Some people affected versus everybody affected. Notice the difference?

    You are welcome to your opinion, but this is a far better launch than the D3 or Simcity launch even though it does have issues.

  • Zewp

    Being far better than a terrible launch is not exactly an excuse for poor QA and pre-launch testing.

    It’s sad that we’ve got people defending companies for not doing their job properly simply because they’re not the worst offenders.

    Oh well. This is why we’ll continue to have SINGLEPLAYER game launches where some people simply cannot play the game and others have to wait for patches to make it properly playable.

  • Wyzak

    It’s still far better.

    The games are simply too complex these days and you will never have a game that is perfect on launch. If you aren’t able to stomach a few issues on launch you should really wait 6 months before buying any games.

    Yes they could have done a better job and they should have, but the game is still perfectly playable for a significant amount of people.

    I can’t remember the last time that I was actually able to play a game on launch day with very little issues and that includes the MULTIPLAYER game.

  • The facts are all there. I’m also entitled to my opinion, which is this case is not baseless, since it’s backed up by, you know, facts.

  • Gareth Smith

    I agree that you are entitled to your own opinion. I am merely pointing out that your SERIES of articles are labeled as news, when they seem to be based more upon your personal opinion and therefor the problems that you, personally, are having.

    I feel one article about not being able to get into your game is sufficient. I do not disagree with you bringing problems with a game to attention in your article, especially if the game has as many major issues as Watch Dogs does, but it seems in bad taste when it turns into a series of articles.

  • And that’s the biggest bug!

  • Well then stop reading MyGaming – plenty of other game blogs out there. Or start your own, even, if you’re not happy with how this one’s panning out.

Ubisoft defends Watch Dogs PC performance, congratulates itself

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