Ubisoft defends Watch Dogs PC performance, congratulates itself

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Ubisoft’s “Graphics Technical Director” on Watch Dogs, Sebastien Viard, has said a few words in defence of the game’s shoddy launch on PC, and then gave his dev team a public pat on the back for shipping a game that, by many accounts, doesn’t run properly, if at all.

Apparently there is a patch in the works and it can’t come soon enough because three days after launch, I’m still not able to play the game on PC myself.

In a series of tweets Viard said the following:

Watch Dogs can use 3+ GB of RAM on NG [next-gen] consoles for graphics, your PC GPU needs enough VRAM for ultra options due to the lack of unified mem.

If you experience lag/stutter on a fast PC, try to lower one of those settings to reduce the GPU VRAM usage: texture quality, AA, resolution.

Making an open world run on NG & CG [current-gen] consoles + supporting PC is an incredibly complex task, the team did a fantastic job. Congrats guys! 😀

And finally, our PC progs are also currently working on a patch to improve your experience thanks to your reports, stay tuned 🙂

Regular readers may be aware that I’m not pleased with the product that Ubisoft delivered. Aside from the asinine “tips” on improving performance, to see the developer congratulating themselves for allowing a bug-ridden product to be shipped to paying customers is another infuriating insult.

It’s an obvious assertion that it’s a complex task to get a game running well across multiple platforms – it’s their job to do that properly and deliver a quality product to the paying customer.

It’s one thing to be proud of your work, but how about a bit of humility in light of the rampant problems that gamers are having? They need only look to their own technical support forums for over 50 pages of reasons why: Ubisoft Watch Dogs Technical Support Forum

After all, this was a game that was six years in the making and was marketed as a “next-generation defining experience”. Personally, I’m sick and tired of the “ship now, patch later” attitude.

Until I get the chance to play the game I paid for, I’ll have to enjoy it vicariously through gameplay videos others are uploading.

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Ubisoft defends Watch Dogs PC performance, congratulates itself

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