Gaming publications axed: CVG, Edge Online, and more

Future Publishing, which has a diverse portfolio including many gaming publications, is putting the axe to a number of its titles.

Notable among them is UK-based website CVG, which has been a gaming news brand since 1981 and the brains behind the respected Golden Joystick Awards. CVG has not had a print edition since 2004.

Strangely for this day and age, Future is also planning to shut down the websites of Edge Online, Official Playstation Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, and Official Nintendo Magazine. These publications will remain as print editions.

The closures follow a string of poor financial results for Future, and will also result in a number of its biking and crafts publications shutting down.

While many of its gaming properties will be no more, Future still has some gaming and tech favourites going for it, including Kotaku UK, PC Gamer, and GamesRadar.

Source: MCV

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Gaming publications axed: CVG, Edge Online, and more

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