Batman: Arkham Knight delayed, but gets awesome video

Bad news first: Batman: Arkham Knight is being delayed until 2015, according to a new trailer for the title. The game was expected to be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in October 2014.

Cue a quick cry and then the realisation that a delay may mean a better game, and now we can move on to more positive news.

The game trailer shows off the Batmobile in all its terrifying glory, and gives us some stats on what weapons the Bat’s car will be packing.

  • 60mm Cannon – able to penetrate 820mm of steel armour.
  • Vulcan Gun – anti-tank and surface-to-air capabilities.
  • Missile Barrage – 2kg warhead that can target 6 hostiles.
  • Riot Suppressor – fires non-lethal slam rounds.
  • Looks seriously badass with red lights and rocket booster.

The trailer also promises that the vehicle’s Battle Mode will be “unleashed” at E3. We are definitely looking forward to that.

Source: YouTube

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Batman: Arkham Knight delayed, but gets awesome video

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