GOG.com Galaxy: DRM-free online gaming platform

GOG.com has announced GOG Galaxy, an online platform for its games (and eventually a desktop client too) similar to the ubiquitous Steam. GOG Galaxy will be an optional platform for users, who will still be able to simply download and install their games from GOG as they do currently.

As the company describes it:

[GOG Galaxy is] brand new technology that places unparalleled freedom over online play and connectivity back in the hands of gamers. With this an entirely optional platform, players can dive into online multiplayer portions of their favorite games, while enjoying single-player anytime they please without needing an internet connection.

GOG Galaxy is designed to be a platform-agnostic online solution, allowing GOG.com and Steam players — with more platforms to be added in the future — to game together. An optional client will be introduced later this year to allow for easy game updating, and GOG.com has already begun working with developers to implement the technology in their games.

Launched in 2008, GOG.com (then Good Old Games) began to entrench itself in the gaming landscape by offering a plethora of classic PC games spruced up for modern operating systems, all free of annoying DRM. From 2012 it began to offer modern titles, such as The Witcher 2, also DRM-free.

The company’s approach has been to treat the customer with respect and remove one of the main criticisms of large publishers and a justification used by game pirates – DRM.

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GOG.com Galaxy: DRM-free online gaming platform

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